The Recruiting Hour: January 25th – No Guest

  • Happers neighbors are very nice and he doesn’t know how to repay them
  • NFL Playoffs/Conference Championship games

The Drive: January 19th, 3pm – The Opening Drive

  • Some people consider NFL Conference Championship Sunday as the best football weekend of the year
  • Which QB has the higher ceiling: Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes?

The Recruiting Hour: January 18th – Texts and Calls

  • NFL Playoffs
  • Wrap up the show

The Drive: January 15th, 3:25pm – NFL Divisional Round coming up – and it should be a ton of fun

  • Ravens go to Buffalo
  • Browns coming off a big win against Pittsburgh travel to Arrowhead to meet Mahomes and Co.
  • The Rams and that great defense are off to the frozen tundra to play the (possible) MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Packers
  • The History Channel presents Brees vs Brady

The Drive: January 8th, 5:45pm – Sexy Picks

  • NFL Playoff games are this weekend, lets pick em!
  • Colts @ Bills (-6.5)
  • Rams @ Seahawks (-3)
  • Buccaneers (-8) @ Wahington
  • Ravens (-3) @ Titans
  • Bears @ Saints (-10)
  • Browns @ Steelers (-6)

NFL playoffs this weekend

Tomorrow (7)Colts @(2) Bills   (6) Rams @ (3)Seahawks  (5) Bucs@ (4)Washington

(5) Ravens @  (4) Titans  (7) Bears @ (2)Saints  (6)Browns @ (3)Steelers

BYES: Chiefs/Packers

2 minute Drill – What wouldn’t you trade for Deshawn Watson? Trevor Lawrenvce?

Admit it…as a Nebraska football fan, you love to see teams like the 49ers and Titans succeed in the NFL Playoffs

-Look at both of those teams..not full with the biggest free agents by any means or the biggest stars in the game…and they just play hard, physical football, solid defense, and they run the ball ferociously whenever they want behind great offensive line play…brings a tear to Husker fans’ eyes to see that

-Could football be shifting back to run-heavy again? We’ve been in such a pass, pass, pass era that it’s refreshing to see old-school football still win. It’d be fun to see Nebraska ride Dedrick Mills more…


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DP & Stephens: December 30th, 12pm

  • NFL Playoffs
  • DP and his Daily Walk thought about HuskerNation
  • Wing Man