Sept. 23rd, SEG 9 – High School sports

  • Lincoln Southeast vs Lincoln East tonight with Happer on the call
  • Make high school rivalries great again

Sept. 23rd, SEG 8 – Stephen Brooks (, MSU 247)

  • What’s up with Mel Tucker
  • What can we expect to see from MSU’s QB?
  • Kenneth Walker III, what do you like about him?

Sept. 23rd, SEG 7 – Michigan State isn’t a world beater

  • Livestreamed their practice today
  • After their wins, is Michigan State unbeatable for this Huskers squad?
  • Nobody is picking Nebraska to win…

Sept. 23rd, SEG 6 – True or False w/ Rico

  • Some teams just aren’t allowed to be good
  • Calling yourself the best at something that you can’t really measure is a sign of a psychopath
  • You can cherry-pick the transfer portal

Sept. 23rd, SEG 5 – Mike Sautter (

  • Jets talk
  • Uncommitted players in the state
  • Game of the Week

Sept. 23rd, SEG 4 – TEXT BAG

  • Lets get weird!

Sept. 23rd, SEG 3 – Northwestern is basically getting a new football stadium

  • BIG renovation
  • Yeah, it’s time to do something with the South Side of Memorial Stadium

Sept. 23rd, SEG 2 – Jeff Essink (Farrell’s Xtreme Body Shaping)

  • Jeff joins the show to talk about the latest 10-week challenge

Sept. 23rd, SEG 1 – Happer believes he is the best driver

  • In Nebraska, in the midwest, in the USA, in the world
  • Nebraska High School football
  • Baseball drama is back!!

The Spillover with Connor Happer & Mike Schaefer

-Panthers and Texans tonight in Thursday Night Football..does Sam Darnold get to 3-0?

-Any eyes on Marshall at Appalachian State tonight?

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Mike Schaefer: Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Do you care about a lack of sacks for the defense if they continue to give up a low amount of points?

-Can you fix Connor Culp? What happens to the kicking game?

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Mike Schaefer: Part 1

-Are you going to East Lansing tomorrow night expecting to come back with a Husker win?

-What’s the most likely scenario for Nebraska over the next 4 games before the first bye?

-Can Nebraska get any running game in B1G play outside of Adrian Martinez?

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