Athlon Sports puts Scott Frost as the B1G’s 4th best coach, and Ryan Day as No. 10

-We had the conversation last week with the Sporting News’ Bill Bender about coach rankings, and he had Ryan Day ahead of Scott Frost, despite only having 3 games of head coaching experience as an interim coach last year with the Buckeyes

-22nd might seem high, but doesn’t 10th in the league feel a little low? What is your fear level of the Buckeyes now without Urban Meyer? Think back to what happened in the one year in between Jim Tressel and Urban Meyer with Luke Fickell in 2011

College World Series talk—Should/do Nebraska fans cheer for Michigan?

-What teams in the Big Ten do you cheer for?

-Obviously, Nebraska fans don’t usually cheer for Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio State

The Drive: June 17th, 4pm

Time to take a look into the future of Nebraska Football

We play “Guess the Movie Clip and we will give you Saltdogs Tickets”

– Are we expecting a flurry of commitments soon for the class of 2020? / Shut Up Sipple

-Parker wrote in the Journal Star over the weekend that although the class is small right now, Nebraska fans should expect some movement soon with commits

-Is there any concern at all or reason for concern, or is it always In Frost We Trust regardless?

The Drive: June 14th, 5pm

  • Will Bolt is the new Nebraska baseball coach
  • Time to take a look into the future (Michael Snow annoyed noise)
  • Brenden Stai REPLAY – From the Recruiting Hour
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: June 14th, 4pm

  • Will Bolt is the new Nebraska baseball coach
  • Let’s see if Nebraska will follow Dave Van Horn’s formula for winning
  • Guess the movie and win Saltdogs vouchers!

The Drive: June 14th, 3pm

  • MLB in Omaha last night was so cool, with a couple hitches
  • You want to know how player driven the NBA is? The main storyline form last night is about Klay Thompson
  • Will Bolt has been hired?
  • What’s Poppin (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Recruiting Hour: June 14th

  • Brenden Stai – Former Husker/NFL OL
  • Opening Splash
  • Texts and Calls

Cyza and Stephens: June 14th, 1pm

Still nothing in the Nebraska Baseball coaching search

Parker Gabriel: Lincoln Journal Star

Would Jordan Burroghs work in the UFC?

Cyza and Stephens: June 14th, 12pm

Raptors win its firt NBA Title, thanks to a depleted Warriors squad

Streaking the Quad

Wing Man

Cyza and Stephens: June 14th, 11am

MLB in Omaha- It had its issues, but Omaha still showed up

Nebraska native Nate Lashley is inside the top-10 after day one at the US Open

Blog Jog

Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

-Sounds like Rob Childress is out of the running for Nebraska’s next baseball coach…do you believe he was the top candidate? Where does this go from here?

-Nebrasketball’s marquee non-conference home game is….South Dakota State. OK with the schedule or do season ticket holders have the right to grumble with a price increase and lesser schedule than past years?

-How invested do you get in the CWS?