February 9th: Derek Bombeck (Lincoln Convention & Visitors Bureau)

-What’s coming up this weekend and upcoming week in Lincoln? Plus, TICKET TO LINCOLN GIVEWAY  (CALLER 10)


February 9th: Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

-Have your thoughts changed since last time we talked about what it will take for Nebraska to make the NCAA Tourney? (He thought Huskers had to win out and then maybe win 1 B1G Tourney game)

-Do you feel good about this team’s chance to win out in regular season? Only one road game left out of 5 games (Illinois)

-Will Nebraska be able to keep Palmer and co. around for next season?

February 9th: Did we not pay attention to the lack of physique of players in the Mike Riley era?

-Quotes from Scott Frost on Wednesday and his assistants last night were very telling about where Frost thought of this team overall in strength and athleticism

-Even tight ends coach Sean Beckton said last night that the offensive line had good players last year from what he saw, but that they were all just ‘weak’

-How did we not notice the team’s lack of physicality? What exactly was Mark Phillipp and the strength staff doing? This all makes Sorensen think that a turnaround could happen VERY quickly because toughness will turn good talent into better players—Mario Verduzsco “Our QBs won’t be candyasses”

January 8th: Last thoughts on tonight’s National Championship….who wins between Alabama and Georgia? And would UCF be able to hang with either?

-The question to the latter has to be ‘yes,’ doesn’t it? The one team that beat both ‘Bama and Georgia was Auburn—and UCF beat them.

January 8th: Can Scott Frost’s offense get Nebraska back to being a national brand for the next generation? / Shut Up Sipple

-Nebraska is a national brand for the generation in their 40s through 60s, but certainly is not a national brand for millennials—where schools like Oregon became attractive because of fancy uniforms, fun offense, and good football….could Scott Frost get national brand back with millennials?

January 8th: BTN’s Tom Dienhart projects Nebraska as the 5th best team in the B1G West next year…what exactly is the depth chart like for Scott Frost in year 1?

-The Journal Star went through what we’re looking at for depth…what spots do you feel good about and which ones do not? Don’t forget that Nebraska brings in Zach Duval, who just won National Strength Coach of the Year, which could make a huge impact on ‘toughness’ and physicality with the team right away…

-Is Nebraska worse than Purdue heading into next year? Certainly is possible, but there very well could be a Scott Frost Effect