Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-So….Nebrasketball made 5-star prospect Bryce McGowens’ final 5 teams list…where do they stack up against the rest?

-Delano Banton and Trey McGowens showed up in ESPN’s Newcomer Impact Rankings…which of those is more important to the team this year, in your opinion?

-Adrian Martinez is named the starter by Scott Frost, but how quick will the trigger for Luke McCaffrey be?

Jake is starting to think that his Dolphins might actually be a pretty good team…is he ready for the eventual fallout?

-The Dolphins beat the lowly Jets, 24-0, on Sunday, and now are 3-3 on the year, with 3 wins in dominant fashion, and 3 losses in close fashion to decent-to-good teams. Are the Fins for real?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-Adrian Martinez is indeed the starter for Nebraska’s opener against Ohio State..did you ever think he wouldn’t be?

-How much can we truly assess from Nebraska’s defense with such a brutal opener against an elite team?

-What are your thoughts as a former coach on fake crowd noise in a mostly empty stadium?

Scott Frost has spoken: Adrian Martinez will start for Nebraska against Ohio State on Saturday

-No depth chart was released ahead of Nebraska’s first weekly press conference (via Zoom) of the season, which led people to believe that maybe we wouldn’t know the starting QB until Saturday…

-..but then, Scott Frost said that Adrian Martinez will indeed be the starting QB against the Buckeyes, but feels like they have 2 starting QBs. Might sound good to say that, but it also creates tension..

-Was it always the right choice to have Martinez start against Ohio State? Other takeaways from the Zoom session…

How much weight should Husker fans put on week 1?

-How much should we take away from game one? Probably unfair to take away too much as this team should improve throughout the season.

-However, Ohio State has always been Nebraska’s “elite” measuring stick game. How to game plan for Ohio State.

Will the new 1-time transfer rule help or hurt Nebraska?

-Tyronn Lue named head coach of Los Angeles clippers and the plot thickens!

-NCAA passing one time transfer rule. Will this benefit Fred Hoiberg and his program building strategy or does it make it more of a widespread tragedy across college basketball?

-What does it mean for football?

-Coaches on both sides are still fighting for Nebraska/Creighton. How important is it to keep that rivalry going this season.

-Plus everybody in college basketball gets an extra year of eligibility… And that story is somewhat buried because football.

Why aren’t Nebraska fans drinking the Kool- Aid this year?

-Why 4–4 could be a major improvement this season.

-5-3 could be borderline top 25.

-6-2 is best case scenario… Nebraska fans still know good football if they see it.

Will Nebraska-Creighton happen in 2020?

-Coaches on both sides are still fighting for Nebraska/Creighton. How important is it to keep that rivalry going this season? Plus everybody in college basketball gets an extra year of eligibility…and that story is somewhat buried because football!

Where is the hype in Husker Nation?

-Husker Kool-Aid Levels seem lower than normal this season. What is the biggest reason for that?  @HuskersGameday

-Why 4-4 could be a major improvement this season. 5-3 could be borderline top  6-2 is best case scenario…Nebraska fans still know good football if they see it

How could the outcome of the apparent QB Battle be affected by the opening game at Ohio State?

-What will the offense look like against Ohio State?

-Should we expect it to look different the rest of the season?Can’t force the system if you don’t have the players for it…Kade Warner leading walk on revolution at WR…uh oh

-I couldn’t be more happy to see a quarterback battle. It shows Frost is holding Martinez accountable but opening up at the Horseshoe is probably not a great time/place to make the switch

Will a lack of flexibility by Big Ten mean cancellations rather than postponements due to COVID?

-SEC being hit hard with positive covid tests. 2 games postponed and Nick Saban testing positive. Will the B1G lack of flexibility mean cancellations instead of postponements? This is part of the reason everyone will be bowl eligible

-PBA gameday event called off

Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-What do you think the ceiling for Nebraska is this year for wins? And the floor?

-Are you expecting higher scoring games in the Big Ten out of the chute or ugly offense?

-Is anyone in Clemson’s ballpark right now in college football?