September 28th, SEG 9 – Dayn Perry (CBS Sports, Baseball)

  • The Cardinals effectively ended the NL Wildcard race
  • Are the Padres the most disappointing team in baseball?
  • Does Seattle have a chance?

September 28th, SEG 8 – Huskers shutout vs NW

  • Can/Will Nebraska shut out Northwestern?
  • When was the last shut out?
  • What’s more likely, shutout and 30+ points scored from the offense?

September 28th, SEG 7 – Fred Hoiberg speaks

  • Expectations?
  • LONG team

September 28th, SEG 6 – Jalen Hurts drops a duece

  • What a great piece of audio following the Eagles loss to the Cowboys on MNF

September 28th, SEG 5 – NFL Reaction/Overreaction

  • The STEELERS are the worst team in the AFC North
  • The RAMS and the BILLS are the favorites in their respective conferences
  • The CHIEFS are not going to win the AFC West
  • The LIONS are not as bad as they seem
  • MATT NAGY is the first coach fired

September 28th, SEG 4 – DB Cooper and Special Teams

  • Do you know who D.B. Cooper is?
  • Not so special teams

September 28th, SEG 3 – True or False w/ Rico

  • D.B. Cooper was a real person
  • LeBron James would have been a Hall of Famer in football
  • Nerds Rope is actually the best form of nerds candy

September 28th, SEG 2 – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Are we going to see something new from this Huskers team

September 28th, SEG 1 – Frost hints at some changes coming

  • What will said changes look like?
  • Offensive line shakeup?

The Recruiting Hour: August 12th – Closing Segment

  • Nebraska’s recruiting class has no 4-stars and could end with none

The Recruiting Hour: August 12th – Mike Sautter (

  • Start of High School football in Nebraska
  • Running around to practices

The Recruiting Hour: August 12th – Opening Splash

  • Baseball movies