The Drive: September 20th, 4pm

How much will we learn this weekend in the Big Ten?

Jeremy Werner: 247Sports (Illinois)

What’s in the Box

November 28th: Matt Campbell gets a big extension and raise and stays at Iowa State

-How about that for the Cyclones? Big schools came calling, but Campbell signs a 6-year extension and goes from $2.1mil a year to $3.5mil a year, thanks in part to 2 wins over Top 5 teams this year


November 28th: How concerned are you about a large amount of transfers, and is it fair to give credence to some players?

-Lamar Jackson had an interesting tweet up before taking it down—but keep him in mind he will be on his 3rd defensive coordinator in 3 years next year (if he’s back)

-The wide receivers group really wants Keith Williams back, and we’ll see what they do and guys like J.D. Spielman/Stanley Morgan…how much leeway do you give to players who might be on the fence?

November 28th: After seeing Scott Frost’s press conference yesterday, how confident are you that he’s coming back home to Nebraska?

-Frost’s language did not make it sound at all like he was fully committed to the future at UCF, when he was asked directly if he would be with the program next year, he did not say ‘yes’ or ‘no’

-Is there any chance that Frost would be scared by the intense fervor of fans right now who think he might be the man who saves the program? Or is he past that and doesn’t care and just is ready to get things rolling at Nebraska?