October 22nd: SEG 1 – Happer called Lincoln Southwest and Omaha Central last night

  • How did Deshawn Woods look?
  • Playoff outlook

October 21st: SEG 1 – Mike Sautter (NebPreps.com)

  • Early Sautter!
  • High School playoff wild card
  • Title favorites?
  • Omaha Burke looking good
  • Class B, front runners?

October 14th: SEG 2 – Mike Sautter (NebPreps.com)

  • In Hastings for State Softball
  • Lots of highly recruited players in softball from the state
  • Gage Stenger flips from K-State to Nebraska

October 7th, SEG 5 – Mike Sautter (NebPreps.com)

  • Recruiting!
  • Malachi Coleman got an offer from Nebraska
  • Zane Flores interest
  • What are we watching for today/tomorrow

September 30th: SEG 5 – Mike Sautter (NebPreps.com)

  • What are we looking at this week for high school games?
  • Devon Jackson commit news!

Sept. 23rd, SEG 9 – High School sports

  • Lincoln Southeast vs Lincoln East tonight with Happer on the call
  • Make high school rivalries great again

Sept. 23rd, SEG 5 – Mike Sautter (NebPreps.com)

  • Jets talk
  • Uncommitted players in the state
  • Game of the Week

Happer & Schaefer: September 16th – Mike Sautter (NebPreps.com)

  • New York Jets outlook
  • What games are we looking forward to this week?
  • Jasen Green commits later today, where?

Happer & Schaefer: September 9th – Mike Sautter (NebPreps.com)

  • He wrote about a couple of non-seniors that are going to start getting a lot of calls basketball-wise
  • What have we learned through two weeks?

Mike Sautter (nebpreps.com) and Pop Culture Corner featuring G Herbo

– Mike Sautter joins to talk about Week 1 and 2 of HS Football in Nebraska.
– What are some of the big games this week?
– Isaac Traudt???
– Also, the guys give their thoughts on music in 2021 and G Herbo

Happer & Schaefer: August 26th – Mike Sautter (NebPreps.com)

  • Nebraska High School Football begins today for everyone!
  • What/Who should we be on the lookout for
  • Game of the Week?

The Recruiting Hour: August 12th – Mike Sautter (NebPreps.com)

  • Start of High School football in Nebraska
  • Running around to practices