The Recruiting Hour: June 7th – Texts and Calls

  • People let us know how they are feeling before this regional final for the Huskers
  • Recruiting news after a BUSY weekend

The Recruiting Hour: June 7th – Nebraska Baseball in the Regional final vs Arkansas

  • This is a big game
  • In the last decade or so, what other contest has Nebraska played in that had this type of magnitude?
  • High scoring? Low scoring?

The Recruiting Hour: June 7th – Opening Splash

  • Caller Dave has a few questions he poses to the guys

DP & Stephens: Lance Harvell (Husker Baseball)

Husker Baseball Assistant Coach Lance Harvell joins the DP & Stephens Show following their massive win over #1 Arkansas in an elimination game last night.

  • Pick your storyline, that game was full of them.
    • KP throwing well 10 months following surgery
    • Schwelly comes in and dominates.
    • Efry Cervantes comes in, gets drilled in the jaw, and stays in.

DP & Stephens: Husker Baseball Preview

Let’s discuss Husker Baseball ahead of Northeastern!

DP & Stephens: Tom’s Ten – NCAA Baseball Tournament

Tom gives us a list of possible NCAA Baseball Tournament Winners.

  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Vanderbilt
  • Notre Dame

DP & Stephens: Opening Segment

Husker Baseball is going to Arkansas!

How could the committee do this to us???

The Drive: April 20th, 3pm – How long will John Cook stay quiet about the NCAA Tournament experience in Omaha

  • He seemed to indicate a couple days ago that Lauren Stivrins got hurt because of the crappy court they were practicing on
  • It was also reported that Nebraska had a few false positives before the match
  • also, it was NEBRASKA/TEXAS and it was played at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Monday
  • Gonzaga just completed their transition from mid-major to full on blue blood

The Drive: April 19th, 5:45pm – Closing things out

  • Answering some text line questions

The Drive: April 19th, 5:25pm – Why is the offense lagging behind the defense for Frost and Co.

  • Change in philosophy
  • Quarterback play
  • What else?

The Drive: April 19th, 5pm – Losing to Texas always sucks

  • Nebraska Volleyball falls to Texas in 4 sets
  • Losing to Texas in any sport sucks, Nebraska should stop doing that
  • More Open practice observations

The Drive: April 19th, 4:45pm – Whats in the Box

  • Guess Movie, Win Prize
  • Happer Movie Monday