Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter): Full Hour

-Did it feel close to normal on Saturday with the SEC back in action? How can you not like Mike Leach?

-SEC teams all had fans in the stands, in a limited capacity. Will the B1G change their stance at all as football returns in less than a month?

-How would Nebraska assess that and decide who could go to a game if they were able to have 30,000 people or so?

-The Big 12 appears to be dead already for the playoff. Oklahoma is done with a terrible blown game to Kansas State, and although Texas won, they look prime for a few losses. Some things never change!

-Do we know who is good at all in college football yet besides the obvious of Clemson and ‘Bama?

-Bears were 2-0 going into Week 3…how is Nicole feeling about them and (her new team) the Bucs? Are the Bills the best team in the league?!

-Watching the NBA Playoffs? Lakers are in the Finals…will the Heat make their way there tonight?

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DP & Stephens: NBA Playoffs

DP and Tom talk the NBA playoffs, and Tabb joins them for the end of the segment.

The Drive: September 3rd, 3:25pm – PAC 12 having a webinar discussing Fall Sports maybe

  • The PAC 12 hasn’t really said much after their initial statement on cancelling the season
  • PAC 12 is tied to the B1G?
  • NBA Playoffs, refs are bad

Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter)

-Did you watch college football on Saturday? Or how about the continued mockery of the Big Ten?

-Lots of local sports media was out at high school games on Thursday and Friday, are you liking the extra attention on everything this year?

-How’s it going to feel this Saturday when we know the first official game that was supposed to be played by Nebraska…won’t be played?

-Has Nicole adopted a team to root for yet this Fall in college football?

-Are Sip and Nicole more pumped for NFL than ever before or the same as usual?

-Still interested in the NBA Playoffs?

-What’s on the agenda this week?

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NBA Playoffs all day long is….pretty cool, actually

-The NBA Playoffs tipped off yesterday, and we saw the Nuggets and Jazz start things off with a 12:45 tipoff. The office was pretty vocal about it, and it did seem pretty cool like March Madness

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The Drive: August 17th, 5pm – Big Ten Talk

  • NBA Playoffs (Jimmy Butlers wild ride)
  • gambling everything for a ‘chip
  • What is the Big Ten doing?
  • SalivaDirect