Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-Isaiah Roby goes 45th in the NBA Draft to Dallas…like the fit there?

-Is it too early to project a starting 5 for Nebrasketball? Fred Hoiberg says he wants a team that can get downhill quickly and often…what players fit that best?

-Chucky Hepburn and Hunter Sallis are two in-state players getting attention nationally…where does Nebraska stand with them?

Could Nebraska really produce 9 NBA players in a 5-season span, as Fred Hoiberg did at ISU?

-It seems impossible at a place that just went 20 years between drafted players to the NBA. But can you see a time (very) soon where Nebrasketball isn’t a stranger in the NBA Draft and has guys playing in the league consistently?

-Also, Fred Hoiberg lays out his projected strength of this team, being a ‘driving downhill and getting to the rim’ type of team. What guys fit that bill the best on this roster? Who is gonna get the playing time?

-Also, Mike Riley keeps getting jobs—now in the XFL as Seattle’s offensive coordinator!

Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

-Isaiah Roby goes #_____ in the NBA Draft….good fit for him? Guaranteed first year in the G-League for him?

-Is it harder to believe that Nebraska hasn’t had an NCAA Tournament win ever or that they hadn’t had a player drafted at all in the last 20 years?

-Will Bolt introduced as Nebraska baseball head coach yesterday….thoughts on the hire and staff and what he’ll do here?

Isaiah Roby goes to the Mavericks at pick #45 in the NBA Draft….good fit for him?

-Overall thoughts on the Draft and any big surprises/big trades….and the future of Roby

-That’s a good feeling to see one of your own players you supported for his college career to get drafted…this should be the NORM, not the exception…right? Maybe not someone every year…but can’t we get someone every 3 years or so? Is that so much to ask for? How can Murray State have a guy go #2 overall? And guys from Weber State/Morehead State/Norfolk State in the past? Come on, now!

-Also, Scott Frost jacking people up with The Program video….wow

It’s NBA Draft Day…are you going to watch because of Isaiah Roby, and will you adopt the team he gets drafted to?

-There are no Huskers in the NBA at all right now…and Lincoln tends to be a melting pot of teams that people support, if any at all….can Roby alone generate more interest in the city/state in the NBA?

-Also, it’s Introductory Press Conference Day for Will Bolt, and we know he’s added Jeff Christy and Lance Harvell to the staff…what are the questions of the day for Bolt?

What’s more exciting in sports—the drafts or free agency/trading periods?

-It feels like there has been a big shift in the past decade or so as far as what people are more excited about…seeing how the big news right now in the NBA is about Anthony Davis going to the Lakers, and not so much the Draft…what excites you more?


Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple

-2 days until we find out if Isaiah Roby gets drafted into the NBA as the first Nebraska player this millennium….where do you think he ends up? S.I. had him going No. 46 to Orlando as of Monday

-It’s been an embarrassing stretch of no drafted players for Nebraska…how many players should they expect to get drafted over, let’s say, a 5-year stretch?

-Nebraska has been offering some big name players recently…any chance of getting any of them?

program expect to send players to the league?

-Parker pointed out yesterday that it’s really unfathomable how Nebraska has never won an NCAA Tournament game in its history—we are aware of the pain. But to not have anyone drafted this millennium? It’s almost 2020! How is that possible?! Yes, only 2 rounds of the draft, but still. It’s Division 1 basketball.

-How often should Nebraska expect to have players drafted to the league? Hoiberg had 4 players of his get drafted to the league at Iowa State (3 of them after he had left, but they were his players). Development will be big, although Nebraska has been offering some big names lately…

The Drive: May 29th, 5pm

  • How bad does Nebraska need to upgrade facilities
  • Big game lines!
  • NBA Draft prospects skipping college, does it work?
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: May 14th, 3pm

  • Nebrasketball picks up another big man, Kevin Cross
  • The Royals are talking internally about making a run at the second wild card!
  • The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight, where do you want to see Zion go?
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

Early Break: Is Isaiah Roby ready for the NBA Draft?

  • Roby is entering the draft combine, making it less likely for him to come back to Nebraska
  • Is Roby ready for the Draft?
  • Would he benefit if he played a year in Hoiberg’s system?