March 16th: March Madness Day 2

March 16th: Tim Miles asks for 5 more years

March 16th: Spring Football starts TODAY—what is Mario Verduzco’s take on the QB situation?

-Sip had a long conversation with Verduzco on Wednesday, which went over a lot of different things when trying to assess what to expect this year from the QBs and how long it might take to adjust to the system


-Other thoughts on Day 1 of Spring football…



The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: December 19th, 5pm

  • Recruiting; early signing period starts tomorrow. Better situation or more of a mess?
  • Replay Erin Sorensen
  • What we missed/Wrap things up

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: December 19th, 4pm

  • Scott Frost collecting many coach of the year awards. What does this mean for Nebraska?
  • Chris Heady, Omaha World Herald