Early Break: Bill Moos can do no wrong right now

  • What’s next for Moosy to help improve Husker athletics
  • Sip mentioned in the Lincoln Journal Star that Moos is ‘on fire’ at the moment, he should push for new facilities for football, men’s golf, and other areas. Can you stop a Moos freight train? What needs to happen most?
  • More thoughts on today’s upcoming press conference

Early Break: Are we sure that Fred Hoiberg is a ‘pie in the sky’ dream for Nebrasketball?

  • It’s time to take a deeper dive into what people tried to play off as a possibility when (if) Nebrasketball moves on from Tim Miles after this season. Is part of the reason of why people think it’s not possible is because of national hoops analysts asking who could do a better job that Miles has done? That’s foolish.
  • Sorensen would love nothing more than to get a big fish like Hoiberg or someone else so that all these national guys would eat crow for thinking this place could never do better. It would be glorious crow
  • Both Sip and Jake have had sources saying there might be interest from Hoiberg. Is it as crazy to think he might be a candidate than previously thought?