Early Break: The situation that many feared for Nebraska with Bill Moos just happened at Texas A&M

  • Scott Woodward, the A.D. at Texas A&M who hired Jimbo Fisher last offseason and JUST hired Buzz Williams for basketball, announced he was taking the LSU job after Joe Alleva stepped down from the position
  • The rumor for a while has been saying that Bill Moos would step down soon, despite just landing 2 marquee coaches…how should A&M’s new coaches feel toward Woodward? Understanding, or pissed?

Early Break: Marc Boehm steps back from being Nebrasketball’s lead administrator?

  • More on Virginia and if it’s a good story
  • From the World-Herald’s article, Boehm sounded pretty okay with it, even though it could be viewed as a demotion…although he still has plenty of things he’s involved with. Was there a chance that Hoiberg said he wants to report directly to Moos with no third party in between?
  • Isn’t it more desirable for a coach to talk directly to the A.D.? No general manager necessary (like Billy Devaney was for Mike Riley)…what’s the point of that?

Early Break: Fred Hoiberg meets the press for the first time as Nebrasketball’s head coach—let’s play the hits from his debut

  • What a refreshing sight it was—a full crowd on the 3rd concourse of Memorial Stadium, with Scott Frost among the many notable faces there
  • Hoiberg was asked about how Iowa State fans should feel, why he took the job…and even said he wants this to be where he ends his career. That would be great, if true. Do you believe that would be possible?
  • Other highlights from Tuesday’s press conference

Early Break: Show Wrap-up

  • Final thoughts on today’s press conference

Early Break: The rumors are over, and there’s ink-to-paper: FRED HOIBERG IS NEBRASKETBALL’S NEXT COACH

  • Jake Sorensen is on an all time high
  • What a time to be alive, and what a time to be a Nebraska fan. Not far removed from a complete lack of hope in both men’s basketball and football….and now Scott Frost and Fred Hoiberg lead the way for those programs. WOW! Take a bow, Bill Moos!
  • 7 years, $25 million for Hoiberg, which sits him as the 11th highest-paid coach in college basketball…about $3.57 million per year. Jake thinks that’s a pretty good deal, since the rumor was $28 million for 7 years

Early Break: Cary Cochran (Former Husker shooting guard)

  • Did Bill Moos handle the firing of Miles perfectly?
  • What’s the thought process of waiting 7-14 days to hire the next coach
  • What does a Fred Hoiberg team look like? And what does he tell Thomas Allen right now?

Early Break: Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star)

  • Parker’s thoughts on the Miles firing
  • Does he think Hoiberg will be the guy for Nebraska basketball?
  • Shut up Sipple

Early Break: THE MOOS IS LOOSE: Bill Moos relieves Tim Miles of his coaching duties

  • The news came at 2pm, but Tim was still pleasant to the media on the way out
    • What are the biggest impressions
  • Moos says he will have a coach in 7-14 days. Had a solid poker face when asked about Hoiberg
    • Other takeaways

Early Break: When do you expect a statement to be made?

  • What will the statement say
  • In sports there are no guarantees
  • 2 minute drill

Early Break: Was Tim Miles treated fairly in all of this?

  • Did Moos make the right decision for waiting
    • Is Tim going to stay
  • With Hank Bounds being fired, does that throw