Scott Frost and players are confident that Nebraska will bounce back and be OK..are you?

-Frost and players all mentioned that Monday’s practice was the best they ‘d had so far, and that guys are upset about how things played out in Boulder, but looking forward to still getting plenty of wins as the season goes on

-Mo Barry went so far as to say that no one will care about the Colorado loss when Nebraska is playing for the Big Ten Championship…big words from the linebacker

-Are you as confident in Nebraska’s ability to bounce back consistently going forward or not?


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Dedrick Mills speaks, is discussed about by teammates, and we’re not sure if Sip will be able to control himself

-Jake wasn’t in the room at the time Mills was talking, but he can only envision what Sip looked like when Mills spoke and when other teammates spoke about Mills….we might have a candidate for new favorite player for Sip when his time at Nebraska is all said and done by the way it sounds..

-Where does he stack up among guys you’re most excited to see on Saturday? 1a/1b with Wan’Dale?

Stopping the run is the name of the game this year for Nebraska’s defense….can they make the strides they need to?

-Scott Frost, Mohamed Barry and Khalil Davis were asked plenty of questions about the defense and how it can improve at Media Days last week…what signs do you see that it can indeed improve?

-Is Darrion Daniels’ presence enough to feel like Nebraska can stop the run? What’s a number they need to get to in yards per game allowed to make a move up the ranks?

The Drive: May 20th, 5pm

  • Nebraska #17, thanks Athlon!
  • Mo Barry on Dedrick Mills grades
  • Wrap things up