The Recruiting Hour: January 22nd – Opening Segment

  • R.I.P Hank Aaron
  • Scott Frost interview

The Drive: January 14th, 5pm – MLBs longest tenured players

  • The OFFICIAL MLB twitter account tweeted out a graphic with the longest tenured players for each franchise…it could be wrong

The Drive: January 14th, 4:45pm – Drunk Segment

  • Baseball Corner

The Drive: January 7th, 3pm – Mike and Connor have vastly different feelings on todays blockbuster MLB trade

  • For Happer: A renewed sense of optimism
  • For Schaefer: ???

The Drive: December 28th, 5:45pm – The Rays are doing weird things

  • They have won at a high level for awhile now
  • They trade away their best players every time
  • Please MLB, don’t turn into this

The Drive: October 28th, 5:25pm – More MLB talk

  • Rob Manfred, drunk?
  • Knowing when you hit a home run

The Drive: October 28th, 4pm – Scott Frost has been a head coach for 4 years + 1 game

  • In that time he has had 2 games cancelled because of a hurricane
  • 1 game cancelled because of a thunderstorm
  • 1 game cancelled because of a pandemic
  • This could have been the game that sparks the fire of Nebraska becoming a “power” again
  • Analytics caused the Rays to lose last night, right?

DP & Stephens: World Series

DP and Tom discuss last nights series deciding game 6 that saw the Los Angeles Dodgers win the World Series.

The Drive: October 21st, 3pm – Odell Beckham Jr news

  • LSU self imposed bans including banning OBJ from the program for 2 years
  • Odell is built different when it comes to COVID
  • World Series Game 1 recap

DP & Stephens: Husker Football, Monday Night Football, and the World Series

Tom and DP talk Husker football, react to more sound bites, talk Monday Night Football, and preview the World Series.

The Drive: October 14th, 5:45pm – Wrap things up

  • Playoff baseball
  • Ending the show

DP & Stephens: Kicking Things Off

DP and Tom start Wednesday’s show with sound bites, the PBA tailgate, and MLB playoff talk.