The Drive: July 15th, 3:25pm – MLB Draft oddities

  • Some real strange happenings with players getting drafted by MLB teams

The Drive: July 13th, 3:25pm – Drew Christo says he is headed to Nebraska

  • Let’s go
  • He probably made it clear to teams that he really wanted to go to college
  • Spencer Schwellenbach, Cade Povich, and Cam Wynne all drafted in the MLB draft, what does the draft say about your program?
  • Is it that guys are getting drafted because of more exposure/game value, or is that why the teams were getting high exposure because the guys were good?
  • This is something to wonder about in all Husker sports

The Drive: July 12th, 4:45pm – More on how the MLB Draft works

  • More information on why MLB teams take high schoolers instead of college players

The Drive: July 12th, 4:25pm – People need to understand some things about the MLB Draft

  • They’re trying to make it more of an event. Which is cool. Makes a lot of sense. Boo the commish, that whole thing
  • Then you remember the MLB Draft works DIFFERENT. Teams draft based on signability That’s the wrinkle that other sports don’t have
  • It’s not really fun or digestible for the general baseball fan

DP & Stephens: Nick comes in for DP — Baseball discussion

DP has tapped out — Nick is in.

  • MLB Draft discussion
  • Rob Childress coming to Lincoln

The Drive: May 15th, 5pm

  • ….nothing happened…
  • MLB Draft is having less rounds…is that a good thing?
  • Wrap things up