The MLB All-Star game was last night, and Jake wonders if anyone really considers baseball “America’s Game” anymore

-Football seems to have surpassed baseball in extreme measures, even with all the conversation in past years about the sport coming to an eventual end because of concussions and different precautions medically that come from the sport

-Does anyone out there still view baseball as America’s Game, though? Straw poll: What is America’s Game? Expecting 70% plus to be football to this answer…and not sure baseball can do anything to reverse the trend

MLB All-Star Game tonight….will you watch and do you care?

-Justin Verlander (Astros) gets the start for the AL, and Hyu-Jin Ryu (Dodgers) gets the start for the NL…did last night’s Home Run Derby give enough flare for you to get interest in tonight’s game?