Cyza & Stephens: July 18th, 1pm

  • Press Conference reaction
  • Tyler Johnson – Minn. All-B1G WR
  • Casey O’Brien – Minn. Holder
  • Frost audio
  • Jim Delaney on the 9-game conference schedule, and no change expected

The Drive: July 9th, 4pm

  • The latest FPI update has Michael Snow’s Minnesota Golden Gophers winning the Big Ten West
  • What are we posting to CFB Report Daily?
  • Another reason for Curter to cry: NC Dub would have come out today

The Recruiting Hour: May 28th

  • Opening Splash
  • Big Ten Tuesday – Ryan Burns – Gopher Illustrated (23:49)
  • Let’s check the text line

Cyza & Stephens: May 24th, 1pm

  • What would it take to sell fans on Darin Erstad?
  • Is PJ Fleck right when he said, “You commit to me, you can’t go see another place”?
  • Talking to Connor and Schaefer who are over at Leftys in Omaha

P.J. Fleck thinks society has a commitment problem…is he really able to comment on that?

-Fleck reiterated this week that if a player commits to his school, he isn’t allowed to visit any other schools—citing that society has a problem with commitment, and that’s not going to happen at his school on his watch

-Fleck didn’t honor his commitment at Western Michigan and left for Minnesota before his contract was up (obviously this happens a lot), but he also poached commits away from there to the new school…is he OK to say these things?

Husker After Party Postgame Show: Minnesota