Does Nebraska football have the highest ceiling in the Big Ten West (long-term) as a program or are others still ahead of them?

-We’ve mentioned that Iowa has been ahead of Nebraska the past 5 years or so—and they’re still only averaging 9 wins a season in that stretch, which hasn’t been good enough for Nebraska fans in the past. But, is Nebraska’s ceiling higher than theirs in general looking to the future? Nebraska needs to prove they can develop their higher-ranked talent compared to Wisconsin/Iowa/Minnesota and others

-Can you truly assess who has the highest ceiling? Do we say Nebraska just because of fan support and tradition, or if you do say Nebraska, what makes their long-term ceiling the highest in the division?

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Minnesota is now in the driver’s seat to win the Big Ten West…can they handle the pressure?

-Wisconsin’s loss was the rest of the division’s gain, since the other competitors for the division (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska) all still face the Badgers yet this season

-Minnesota has won 9 straight games now, following their 42-7 thrashing of Rutgers, and has 9 straight wins in general, and they’ll play Maryland this week before a massive home game against Penn State…can the Gophers handle the pressure? And, if Nebraska finds a way to get clicking against Indiana, is there reason to believe they could get hot and end the year strong to make a run?


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Minnesota’s offense has some scary playmakers on it…can Nebraska’s defense win this game if the offense can’t get clicking?

-Shannon Brooks, Rodney Smith, Mohamed Ibrahim, Tyler Johnson, Rashod Bateman. That’s some serious talent from Minnesota that Nebraska will see at RB and WR this weekend. Tanner Morgan has been up and down as the QB, so you never know what to get from him. But he did put up points last year when he replaced Zach Annexstad in Lincoln

-How many points does Nebraska’s defense need to limit the Gophers to? Maybe cold weather and bad weather is what the Huskers need…boy, that feels weird to say against a team like Minnesota

-More audio from post-practice Tuesday


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