Early Break: Cary Cochran (Former Husker shooting guard)

  • Did Bill Moos handle the firing of Miles perfectly?
  • What’s the thought process of waiting 7-14 days to hire the next coach
  • What does a Fred Hoiberg team look like? And what does he tell Thomas Allen right now?

Early Break: Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

  • Moos says he had no regrets how he handled Miles firing, do you agree?
  • How long will the coaching search take?
  • Other takeaways?

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/ Huskers Illustrated): Part 2

  • How should Moos handle the news leaking
  • Who is responsible for the news getting out in the media.
  • What comes next in all of this?

Early Break: Tim Miles and Nebrasketball WON’T DIE! Huskers beat Maryland, to move on to the B1G Tournament quarterfinals

  • Depleted roster and all, Miles’ squad was able to keep Bruno Fernando in check (1-4, 3 points), and it was another great game from James Palmer, Glynn Watson, Isaiah Roby…and, Johnny Trueblood
  • Of all the teams you could play in the quarterfinals, Wisconsin is definitely the team you’d prefer the most (compared to Purdue, Michigan, and Michigan State). Can the momentum keep going today? Can you still stay out of foul trouble and not have James Palmer’s legs fall off from playing so many minutes? What a wild time

Early Break: Mike Schaefer (247 Sports/ Huskers Illustrated): Part 1

  • How much longer will Tim Miles last at Nebraska
  • Biggest takeaways from game against Rutgers
  • Who should the Huskers target at coach

Early Break: Nebrasketball lives to see another day

  • Huskers beat Rutgers after ending game on a run
  • Johnny Trueblood continues to step up off the bench
  • James Palmer Jr has a huge game
  • Tim Miles gets another day on the job

Early Break: Coaching search for Nebraska basketball

  • The guys continue their talk on the UNO basketball program.
  • Who is Bill Moos pursuing for the head coaching position, and how likely is it that he’s going to get a big name?
  • How weird is it for a coach to go to their press conference after being fired?

Early Break: How do we remember Tim Miles time at Nebraska?

  • How would you define his tenure? More good than bad, or just more of the same for Nebrasketball?
    • Had positives with the run in 2013-14, and his always friendly attitude with the media
  • Did he elevate the program job or did the facilities do that?
    • He had the nations longest home winning streak until loss against Michigan State.

Early Break: Hey, Nebrasketball played last night…how’d that go?

  • Huskers fall again against Michigan State as the Tim Miles era closes in on the end.
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY:

Early Break: Is there any benefit for bringing Tim Miles back?

  • Does his recruiting skills outweigh the struggles he’s seen this year with production from current players?
  • How turned of would you be if he came back next season?
    • Would you lose trust in Bill Moos?

Early Break: Is ‘next year’ finally on the horizon for Nebraska sports or will the cycle of mediocrity keep going

  • Getting Scott Frost was one way to make Husker fans believe that all their support of teams over the past 20 years would finally result in something positive, and they certainly have reason to believe that.
  • The same thing can happen for men’s basketball. If Tim Miles is (rightfully) fired, and a great coach is hired, maybe the ‘next year’ jokes will go away and people will actually believe in what’s coming
  • Isn’t that all the reason for us to get a new basketball coach? Is it fun to be labeled as a joke? No. It’s painful and it’s tiring.

Early Break: Nebrasketball hangs around against 15th ranked Purdue, but falls, 75-72, as the season slips further away

  • Watson was great but in the end they couldn’t get it done, and now they are in a deep deep pit.
  • Fans still showed up despite the crazy storms
    • fan base wants winners