The Recruiting Hour: September 19th

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  • Mike Sautter – Omaha World Herald (24:08)
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The Recruiting Hour: September 5th

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  • Mike Sautter – Omaha World Herald (25:21)
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June 18th: Schaefer is triggered by an ESPN NFL headline and he has every right to be

-Schaefer tweeted out a headline by ESPN on Sunday that Tom Brady is getting closer to retirement…this was the top story on their website….why is this news? Of course he is…

June 18th: What captivates you more, the CWS or World Cup? / Shut Up Sipple

-Sorensen is not a big fan of either of them, so his answer doesn’t really matter. But what about Schaefer? And listeners? Are you tuned into the World Cup at all?

June 18th: Nick Henrich visited Wisconsin this weekend…how important is it that he goes to any school BUT Wisconsin?

-Henrich, a 4-star player from Omaha Burke, is Nebraska’s top in-state target, and deservedly so. With interest from Notre Dame, Wisconsin and others, he’s a major deal (he IS making unofficial visit to NEB this weekend, though)

-Going forward, to show that Scott Frost really has a grasp on Nebraska and it’s in-state talent, just how important is it that he doesn’t go to another B1G team? Imagine if both Bryson Williams and Nick Henrich were at Wisconsin. Would you really bash them? It’s a successful school that will be good for a while. So how important is it that Nebraska doesn’t let another big time in-state guy get away?

May 7th: Tim Miles speaks today to media…what do you want to hear from him?

  • Also, Song of the Day

May 7th: What’s on the horizon for attrition AND addition for Husker football? / Shut Up Sipple

May 7th: Surprise Mike Schaeffer Hour!

Are you surprised that Scott Frost isn’t getting behind UCF’s National Championship push for the undefeated 2017-18 season?