The Recruiting Hour: April 8th – Mike Sautter (

  • Tim Miles at San Jose State….in-state players heading there??
  • Local baseball players
  • Warren Academy Showcase standouts

The Drive: April 5th, 3pm – Sautter Sits in to discuss some breaking news

  • Sam Darnold traded from the New York Jets to the Carolina Panthers
  • Tim Miles taking over the San Jose State job

The Recruiting Hour: April 5th – Closing Segment

  • Tim Miles headed to San Jose State!

The Recruiting Hour: April 5th – No Guest

  • Nebraska Running Back room looking pretty nice

The Recruiting Hour: April 5th – Opening Segment

  • Hubert Davis hired at UNC
  • UCLA vs Gonzaga was AMAZING
  • Houston vs Baylor, not so much
  • National Championship game in NCAA Mens Basketball today

The Recruiting Hour: April 2nd – Closing Segment

  • Answering questions from the text line

The Recruiting Hour: April 2nd – No Guest

  • Answering text line questions
  • Wide Receivers with the Huskers and from the state

The Recruiting Hour: April 2nd – Opening Segment

  • Mike Sautter sitting in for Happer
  • Answering questions from Caller Mike
  • Ben Brahmer commits to Nebraska, Class of 2023 TE/WR
  • Other future recruits

The Recruiting Hour: March 18th – Mike Sautter (

  • Movie bracket thoughts
  • Metro basketball coverage
  • Who are the next stars for Class A?
  • Isaac Traudt?

The Recruiting Hour: March 11th – Mike Sautter (

  • State Tournament talk
  • How much does the crowd help with the feeling

The Recruiting Hour: March 4th – Mike Sautter (

  • Sautter is at Girls State basketball
  • What has he seen, whats going on, who is the story of the tournament

The Recruiting Hour: February 25th – Mike Sautter (

  • Sub-district basketball
  • District basketball
  • Slept on player in Class A