The Drive: March 16th, 4:45pm – Mike Leach loves weird weather

  • Mud Rain!!!

Nicole Griffith (10/11 News sports reporter): Full Hour

-Did it feel close to normal on Saturday with the SEC back in action? How can you not like Mike Leach?

-SEC teams all had fans in the stands, in a limited capacity. Will the B1G change their stance at all as football returns in less than a month?

-How would Nebraska assess that and decide who could go to a game if they were able to have 30,000 people or so?

-The Big 12 appears to be dead already for the playoff. Oklahoma is done with a terrible blown game to Kansas State, and although Texas won, they look prime for a few losses. Some things never change!

-Do we know who is good at all in college football yet besides the obvious of Clemson and ‘Bama?

-Bears were 2-0 going into Week 3…how is Nicole feeling about them and (her new team) the Bucs? Are the Bills the best team in the league?!

-Watching the NBA Playoffs? Lakers are in the Finals…will the Heat make their way there tonight?

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The SEC returned to play over the weekend, and things are starting to feel a little bit normal….right?

-What a glorious sight it was to have more games, and more ranked teams playing. Sure, you had the drama in the Big 12 with Kansas State coming back to beat Oklahoma, and Texas having a miracle in the last few minutes to survive Texas Tech…but that was only part of it!

-How about the Pirate, Mike Leach, at Mississippi State? Stanford transfer QB KJ Costello threw for an SEC record 623 yards (!!) in his first game as a Bulldog, and made Bo Pelini’s defense at LSU look bad in a defeat. Also—Florida puts up a 50-burger on Ole Miss, but the Rebels offense looked solid..

-Also….are Miami Hurricanes good, or is Florida State THAT bad?

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Twitter giveth, and Twitter taketh away: Mike Leach is in hot water already at Mississippi State / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels and Joe)

-Leach is popular on Twitter because he’s unlike most coaches: he has a very unique personality, and that is present in his press conferences, and also in his tweets…mostly a bunch of funny memes

-However, last week he had a tweet that showed a wife knitting a ‘scarf’ for her husband—actually a noose—that was a joke in the COVID-19 pandemic about getting through it. A little dark, but funny to a lot of people. However, a player entered the transfer portal because of it, and now Mississippi State is ordering Leach to raise his “cultural awareness” of the state. Is it necessary or over the top?

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Holy Mother of all things Holy: Mike Leach is officially going to the SEC… get your popcorn

-It was rumored on Wednesday, but it’s official now: Mike Leach is the new head coach at Mississippi State. That means you’ll have a Lane Kiffin/Mike Leach Egg Bowl. Tell me that’s not must watch TV

-For those who have wanted to see if the Air Raid can work in the SEC… now’s your chance to see. And if his system works in the SEC, the people who said it can’t work in the Big Ten might look silly

-Will this work out well for Mississippi State or not?


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The Drive: January 9th, 3pm

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  • MIKE LEACH is in in the SEC!!!
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