The Drive: July 14th, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Bruntz joins the show and we discuss more of the Trev Alberts hire for Nebraska

The Drive: July 7th, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • What do we do with the sell-out streak?
  • Dalano Banton staying in the draft, Non-Con schedule, can we start setting expectations for Nebrasketball?

The Drive: June 23rd, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Doorbells…are they real bells?
  • Train noise…horn or whistle?
  • Big Red Blitz talk
  • Dylan Riola, pretty good QB

The Drive: June 9th, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • We are friends, I promise
  • Nebraska Baseball had their hearts ripped out, again…but not as bad?
  • The future is bright for Will Bolt’s squads though

The Drive: June 2nd, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247 Sports)

  • Nebraska baseball in the NCAA Tournament

The Drive: May 26th, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Michael Bruntz is on and talking about Nebraska Baseball and how they might do in regional and super-regional play
  • Team of Destiny??

The Recruiting Hour: May 24th – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Michael Bruntz of 247 Sports joins the Recruiting Hour to talk about the weekend for Husker Baseball

The Drive: May 19th, 5:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Ronald Thompkins transfer portal
  • Husker Running back situation
  • Husker baseball and getting into the NCAA Tournament

The Drive: May 12th, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Could Nebraska start 3-0? What about Illinois??
  • Nebraska Baseball, where are they sitting when it comes to the NCAA Tournament?
  • Will you leave the A’s if they leave Oakland?

The Drive: May 5th, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Bad umpires
  • Do you know anything about Quaran McPherson?
  • Baseball, what happened over the weekend?

The Drive: April 28th, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Nebraska Baseball is ranked in the Top 25!
  • Hosting a regional?
  • Bill Moos reaction
  • Running back puzzle
  • Learning anything form the Spring Game?

The Drive: April 21st, 4:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Lets talk A’s
  • Bad day for the offense
  • Turnovers = BAD