DP & Stephens: Nebraska Basketball’s non-con released

We break down and discuss the Husker Men’s Basketball Non-Conference Schedule around 1:15.

DP & Stephens: Matt Abdlemassih (Husker Men’s Basketball)

Husker Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Matt Abdelmassih joins the show!


DP & Stephens: Matt Abdelmassih and Luca Virgilio (Husker Basketball)

Assistant Coach Matt Abdelmassih and Director of Operations Luca Virgilio stop by the studio!

  • What are the differences between St. Johns and Nebraska Men’s Basketball?
  • We discuss how difficult it is to keep high level talent to stay home.

DP & Stephens: Robin Washut, Husker Online

Robin Washut of Husker Online joins the guys to discuss the Husker men’s basketball program before they return to the hardwood against Michigan St. tomorrow.

  • who does Robin think the best team in the conference is?
  • Switching to football, what’s Robin’s reaction to the schedule?
  • Nebraska is still scheduled to play their opening week in Dublin, Ireland…what’s the possibility of that actually happening?