The Drive: June 11th, 4:25pm – Max Olson (The Athletic)

  • Expansion of the playoffs
  • Does Ravi sound like Schaefer?
  • Transfer portal and the roster management

The Recruiting Hour: March 31st – Max Olson (The Athletic)

  • NCAA Football star power, where is it?
  • Dark Horse teams for the playoffs
  • Transfer portal talk

The Drive: February 1st, 5pm – Max Olson Class Re-Rank

  • He got to 2017 Nebraska…not great
  • Why have the last few recruiting classes not panned out for Nebraska Football?

The Recruiting Hour: January 11th – Max Olson (247Sports)

  • Wan’Dale Robinson transfers out
  • Transfer portal talk

The Recruiting Hour: October 9th – Max Olson (The Athletic)

  • Whats up with the Big 12?
  • SEC talk
  • Could a PAC-12 team make the playoff?

The Drive: August 25th, 4:25pm – Max Olson (The Athletic)

  • Olson wrote an article about teams working with their roster management after the NCAA granted and extra year of eligibility

The Recruiting Hour: July 15th – Random stuff

  • Lets talk about whatever

The Recruiting Hour: July 15th – What stands out about this Husker team

  • Asking Max about what he believes this 3rd year might bring for Nebraska and Scott Frost, despite the COVID shutdown

The Recruiting Hour: July 15th – Max Olson joins the show

  • Max Olson of the Athletic joins the show, what has he been up to during the pandemic?

The Recruiting Hour: June 22nd – Max Olson

  • Max Olson of the Athletic joins the show

The Recruiting Hour: May 11th

  • Opening Segment
  • Max Olson – The Athletic (27:37)
  • Texts and Calls

The Drive: April 28th, 4pm

  • Noah Vedral transferring out of Nebraska
  • Max Olson (The Athletic)
  • Staying power of the B1G elites (Ohio State with Ryan Day)