Who will be the bigger weapon on offense this year: Maurice Washington or Wan’Dale Robinson?

-This is all assuming that Maurice is cleared to play the whole season with the case in California still hanging in the balance—and that’s obviously not guaranteed. But, in a perfect world…

-Both are capable runners, and both are capable pass catchers. Who will be the most relied upon and dynamic of the two? Are they completely similar players, or are there differences that help separate one above the other? Maurice does have one year of experience under his belt already…


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7:25 – Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

-What should Nebraska do with Maurice Washington for the first game of the season, and practice leading up to it?

-The Journal Star lists Adrian Martinez as the third-most intriguing player of the upcoming season…shouldn’t he be in his own class? How is he not first on the team with Heisman hype?

-Wisconsin schedules series with Alabama for 2024-25…should Nebraska fans be envious or happy?


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6:25 – Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Maurice Washington’s next hearing pushed back for 3 days after Nebraska’s first game….should Scott Frost play him against South Alabama or not?

-If Washington wouldn’t play, who would you assume gets the carries behind Dedrick Mills?

-What’s a fair expectation for Wan’Dale Robinson in 2019?


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Maurice Washington’s next court date is scheduled after Nebraska’s season-opener…how should Scott Frost handle this for playing time?

-Washington’s next hearing is a preliminary examination setting on Sept. 3rd, which is after Nebraska’s home opener on August 31st.

-Frost said at Media Days that Washington would be a part of Fall Camp, but wasn’t sure about the season beyond that yet. Washington faces 2 charges in California—one a felony—for possession of a video of a person under age 18 engaging in or simulating sexual conduct

-Would it be a huge distraction to the team if he were to play in the season-opener? Or a bigger distraction if he didn’t play?

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Maurice Washington is making things difficult for Scott Frost this offseason…will any action be taken?

-News broke on Tuesday afternoon that Washington was cited in the morning for possession of drug paraphernalia, after UNLPD was called to his address on a strong smell of marijuana

-An officer found a pipe with marijuana residue, but no actual marijuana was found. Still, with Washington still in some trouble in California for revenge porn allegations, it’s murky ground for Frost and company. What will they do, if anything at all? Do they even need to do anything?

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