How could the outcome of the apparent QB Battle be affected by the opening game at Ohio State?

-What will the offense look like against Ohio State?

-Should we expect it to look different the rest of the season?Can’t force the system if you don’t have the players for it…Kade Warner leading walk on revolution at WR…uh oh

-I couldn’t be more happy to see a quarterback battle. It shows Frost is holding Martinez accountable but opening up at the Horseshoe is probably not a great time/place to make the switch

No Kevin Durant in Game 4 of the NBA Finals…will we see him at all this series, and can they win without him?

-The Warriors announced Thursday that Durant wouldn’t play in Game 4, despite trailing the Raptors 2-1 in the series. Klay Thompson didn’t play Game 3, but is likely to play Game 4 at this point. How’s this going to end up? Game 4 tonight at 8pm on ABC


Early Break: Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple

  • Everyone keeps talking about Adrian Martinez being a Heisman contender and being a top QB in the nation…do you have any worries about any sort of Sophomore Slump happening instead?
  • What is the ceiling for how good the Nebraska job can be on a national level compared to other schools?
  • Who is more adored in Wisconsin: Aaron Rodgers or Giannis Antetekounpo?

Early Break: Adrian Martinez comes in 10th in the Sporting News’ Top 25 QBs in the nation in 2019

  • Martinez ranks 2nd in B1G QBs, behind Shea Patterson (No. 8); the top QBs are predictable with Trevor Lawrence, Tua Tagovailoa, Jake Fromm, Justin Herbert, and Jalen Hurts as the top 5
  • How far is Martinez away from that level currently? Is there any chance of a letdown year for him or are you expecting even more breakout?
  • Thoughts on other guys on the list…Nathan Stanley cracks the bottom of the rankings

Early Break: Will Nebraska be able to fully take advantage of Adrian Martinez’s talent while he is here?

  • Scott Frost went on with 590AM yesterday in Omaha and said that they know the window to win with Adrian Martinez is short, because he’ll be gone before you know it—and like Sip has said, there’s a strong chance he is going pro after his junior season
  • Can Nebraska truly surround him with enough talent to make his special talent not wasted with just ‘OK’ seasons? Did this staff expect him to be this good? And, if it’s not with Martinez, do you believe this is soon going to be an factory for NFL QBs…for the first time in Husker football history?

Early Break: For Adrian Martinez to be a Heisman contender, the team needs to win at least 9 games

  • Can this team make the big leaps in year 2?
  • Sip didn’t seem enthused with what he saw Saturday, was he reading too much into a scrimmage?

Early Break: The Spring Game is here and gone…what did we learn?

  • Adrian Martinez is still really good, that’s for sure. Anything else big stand out? We of course didn’t see some star offensive players, but can you take anything major away from the scrimmage?
  • Other thoughts on the game

Early Break: Nebraska football was a trendy pick this winter to be a preseason Top 25 team come the Fall

  • do you feel like that’s the case after Spring Football?
  • It always seemed strange to have Nebraska listed that high following a 4-8 season, but that’s what a Heisman-hyped QB does, as well as a strong finish after a tough 0-6 start to the season
  • When you think of this squad, based on what we’ve seen in limited doses and also what we’ve heard…do you REALLY think they should be a preseason Top 25 team, or is there a lot of proving to do?
  • Adrian Martinez talked with BTN about the team’s level of urgency for this season

Early Break: Adrian Martinez will likely play the full first half of tomorrow’s Spring Game

  • Green jerseys do indicate that QBs can’t be touched, but in a spring that’s full of banged up star players, you don’t want to see anything hurt Martinez…even if the game is lacking star appeal?
  • Mario Verduzco said Martinez has thrown maybe ONE horrible pass all Spring long…do we really understand how good this kid might be this year? He was on BTN discussing who he models his game after and the Mahomes comparison that was given to him

Early Break: Darrion Daniels compares Adrien Martinez to Patrick Mahomes… and here… we…. GO!

  • It was a packed day for Husker football, heard from various defenders, assistant coaches, and Scott Frost
  • Darrion Daniels, delivered the quote of the day when asked who he played against in the Big 12 that he’d compare Martinez to, and he said Patrick Mahomes
  • More takeaways from Monday practice