Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-How will Nebraska adjust offensively without Wan’Dale Robinson and Dedrick Mills going forward?

-Who is the bigger transfer addition for Nebraska…Samori Toure or Markese Stepp?

-Jonathan Rutledge is out as special teams analyst…what does Nebraska do next for that unit?

Mike Schaefer: Part 3

-Why did the College Football National Championship game receive its lowest rating in 23 years?

Mike Schaefer: Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Does Nebraska have the players to replace the production lost when Wan’Dale left the program?

-Can Nebraska afford the bad press associated with a potential Luke McCaffrey transfer? Wan’Dale Robinson’s transfer?

Mike Schaefer: Part 1

-What does Schaefer make of Nebraska week of additions and subtractions?

-What do transfers Samori Toure and Markese Stepp bring to the offense at Nebraska?

The Husker football roster has been on quite a ride this week

-Do the skill player additions make up for the losses Nebraska took this week with Wan’Dale Robinson and Dedrick Mills moving on?

-It might be unfair to Markese Stepp and Samori Toure but has the underachieving from Frost’s past transfer additions hampered your excitement for these new additions?

-Dedrick Mills had to beg for carries against Rutgers. Was he underutilized as a Husker?

Wan’Dale’s NFL future?

Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-How far behind is Nebraska in terms of talent?

-Can Nebraska reach the same level as Notre Dame?

-Wan’Dale Robinson cited usage as one of his reasons for leaving Nebraska. Going further the sophomore wide receiver said it was specifically in terms of creating a future in the NFL. Is Wan’Dale a NFL talent?

-Does Nebraska have NFL level talent?

The Recruiting Hour: January 12th – Chris Trevino (USC 247)

  • Markese Stepp commits to Nebraska after transferring from USC
  • Thoughts surrounding the USC program after this season