The Drive: March 6th, 5pm

  • Transferring the AAC success to the Big Ten, what needs to change, and what can stay the same
  • Verduzco on McCafferey
  • Whats gonna be talked about on the show following this one?!

Mario Verduzco and Adrian Martinez offer a look into what happened in the span of 24 hours for Tristan Gebbia…is it possible Gebbia wanted to stay but was told by someone not to?

-Verduzco spoke after practice on Wednesday and shared how the story went down in his opinion, and it sounded like Frost’s story, where he took the news well and seemed supportive of Martinez, but opted to transfer the next day. Is it possible that Gebbia did want to stay but maybe his parents said not to? Gebbia already has committed to Oregon State!

-If that’s the case, how can you be mad at him? Martinez spoke on BTN last night about the situation and how much he had talked to Gebbia about the matter and it didn’t answer every question

-More from practice and Martinez’s interview on BTN…

Happer and Stephens: August 29th, 11am

  • OK, are we really supposed to believe that one of the Huskers biggest weaknesses turned into a strength in the matter of four weeks? I think we found a hype train that the guys aren’t quite on.
  • Fresh audio from Nebraska Football practice
    • Mario Verduzco says he was completely caught off guard by Tristan Gebbia’s decision to leave the program.
  • Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)
    • Kirk Cousins is weird
    • Happer is actually bad at saying The Office quotes

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: August 22nd, 2pm

  • QB race decided tomorrow?
  • RPI is dead, it will be replaced with another system to screw Nebrasketball
  • The worst popular TV show ever is ending, rejoice

Happer & Stephens: August 22nd, 11am

  • There is a common misconception about Nebraska’s QB race that I want to get rid of
  • Verduzco Audio
  • Blog Jog (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

Nebraska is looking towards the future with a commit for the 2020 class

  • Logan Smothers, 3-star QB from Athens, Alabama, committed to Frost and the Huskers yesterday
  • He runs an 11 second 100m dash and ran a 4.48 40 at an Ohio State camp
  • The QB room is getting packed, is that going to be a problem down the line?