The Drive: August 7th, 4pm – Mario Verduzco had some things to say

  • Baseball talk, Mike Trout gets mentioned
  • Verduzco spoke on Adrian Martinez being lax in preparation

Mario Verduzco and Greg Austin have thoughts on high snaps…. and more

-Verduzco mentioned that you have to accept it and move on, that you can’t ‘piss and moan’ about it….not terribly surprising coming from him

-Austin said the problem has to be fixed, and that it is actually something that can be attributed to all the linemen (interesting, since they aren’t the ones snapping)…


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The Drive: September 25th, 5pm

  • As we’ve talked about, I do think the mental side to this week is huge
  • Mario Verduzco confirms one of my beliefs about Adrian Martinez
  • Wrap things up

Nebraska’s wide receiver situation has been bizarre for the first 14 games of the Scott Frost tenure

-Jake went back on the 2017 season stats for Scott Frost at UCF, and it was common for 7 to 9 players to catch receptions in the offense from McKenzie Milton. That was Year 2 for Frost at UCF. Why aren’t we seeing anything near that now? The ball gets spread out nowhere near that level

-Is Nebraska not running enough quick hitter routes? Walters wants more WRs involved this week, but why has it taken 14 games to get that mentality? Is this personnel capable?


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Mario Verduzco says that both he and Adrian Martinez were “piss poor” against South Alabama… will we see last year’s Adrian this weekend?

Verduzco said Wednesday that Martinez was doing things in the game that he didn’t do all fall camp…. bad things and that he had 24 hours to mourn over the performance before he got back on track for this week? Practice has been a lot better, will that show in Boulder?

Also… more on this high snap thing. Verduzco conformed to a certain degree what Jake thought about the confidence of Martinez being rattled with high snaps, and sometimes even jumping for a snap when he didn’t have to.. do you think Adrian fully trusts his center?

More audio from post practice…


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The Drive: July 3rd, 2pm

  • Is the only measuring stick for success this season the win total?
  • Scott Frost went through the Verduzco QB Drills and said it made him throw better than he ever has
  • The Hot Dog eating contest is DISGUSTING and should be stopped

Bruce Feldman refers to Mario Verduzco as the most unique person he’s ever met in football…who else would Sip put in that category?

-Feldman, of The Athletic, wrote a nice piece about Verduzco and how he goes about coaching the QB position and all the other ins and outs of his life…good read, for sure

-Verduzco certainly is up there for interesting guys…who else has Sip endured in his time covering the teams that he views as ‘unique/interesting’?

Cyza & Stephens: July 2nd, 12pm

  • The key to success for Nebraska athletics is within the 500-mile radius
  • Mario Verduzco story
  • Wing Man