Jake and Sip have another golf match coming up soon…what one club should Jake have to use this time?

-Last summer, Jake let Sip use his entire golf bag, and Jake used a 2-iron only and beat Sip by 3 strokes at Jim Ager Golf Course

-What one club should Jake be allowed to use this time? Or should it be the same club again?

The CFP Committee has presented expansion possibilities for 6 to 16 teams…let’s not water it down / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-It’s a tired conversation but one that won’t go away: what’s the perfect plan for the College Football Playoff? It just seems really hard to see a 16-team playoff not resulting in a bunch of blowouts, which we are already seeing in the 4-team playoff

-A 6-team playoff makes lots of sense, as the Pac-12 champion has missed out on the playoff in 5 of 7 years, so they’ve had no chance to even get a game in…6 teams remains the smartest, who would honestly advocate for 16 teams and why?

Let’s have a positive Nebraska talk for a second: what EXCITES you about this year’s team and the future?

-We have a lot of talk about what bothers us and what concerns us. That’s easy talk when you haven’t been to a bowl game since 2016

-But Sip wrote about stacking acorns this weekend…and Jake could use some positive talk about Nebraska in his daily life. So what are the real things that the guys are genuinely optimistic about? And listeners, too?

There was a battle of Joshes on Saturday in Lincoln…does Sip think he’d come out on top in a battle of Steves?

-Dozens of people named Josh across the country came to Air Park on Saturday for a “Josh Fight,” which started out as a joke on social media but became a real thing with pool noodles as the main ‘weapon’

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

The ESPN broadcasters went crazy at the end of Saturday’s UFC fights…is there ever a time when Sip and Jake lost their composure while covering a sporting event?

-Jake is curious how Sip handled the Hail Mary (Westerkatch) in 2013 when Nebraska beat Northwestern…Jake wasn’t in the press box for that game

-We know that Jake tends to be a little more emotional in games….but how does he do in the press box role? Any yelling to report? What’s the worst that Jake and Sip have ever seen in the press box?

How early on did we know that Dave Van Horn was special, and how soon can we know the same about Will Bolt?

-Sip was around when Van Horn was hired at Nebraska, and he witnessed how successful he was, in getting Nebraska to the College World Series

-Is it impossible for that to happen here again? It shouldn’t be, right? If Michigan can be the runner-up in the CWS and still play well in years to follow, why can’t Nebraska get back there? Things look good so far in the Bolt tenure, does Sip feel any sort of comparison yet to Van Horn? The B1G isn’t the Big 12, of course…

-Also, Trevor Bauer says he doesn’t mind hitters bragging about a home run. Says the game has gone SOFT!

The Drive: February 24th, 5pm

  • There is definitely a bit in the NFL Combine hands thing but I haven’t found it yet
  • Nihilist CFB
  • Madison Bumgarner “secretly” being a rodeo dude for several years
  • Oh god, Creighton is in the Top 10 – Let’s check in on Happer’s mental health
  • Wrap things up