The Drive: Picks!

Happer and Tabb wrap up the final show of the week with picks.

#9 BYU (-3.5) @ #21 Boise State

#23 Michigan (-3.5) @ #13 Indiana

#8 Florida @ #5 Georgia (-3.5)

#1 Clemson (-5) @ #4 Notre Dame

Nebraska @ Northwestern (-3.5)

The Drive: Steve Sipple

Steve Sipple of the Lincoln Journal Star joins Happer and Tabb.

The Drive: Northwestern Preview

Happer and Tabb preview Nebraska’s match up with Northwestern, which raises a big question. Do you trust the Huskers enough not to mess this up?

The Drive: What’s in The Box?

It’s time to win some chicken on What’s in The Box?

Presented by Raising Cane’s.

The Drive: Alex B. Smith

Alex B. Smith of joins Happer and Tabb to talk about the best betting picks this weekend, including the Huskers’ match up with Northwestern.

The Drive: Big Ten Power Rankings With Tiers

Happer breaks out is Big Ten Power Rankings with Tiers in advance of this weekend’s slate of Big Ten games.

The Drive: What’s Poppin’

Mark is in studio for What’s Poppin’ on The Drive.

The Drive: Northwestern Trash Talk

Connor and Ryan take some time to trash Northwestern before Nebraska faces off against them tomorrow.

The Drive: The Opening Drive

Mike Schaefer sticks around and joins Connor and Ryan for their always entertaining but never focused opening segment, The Opening Drive.

January 12th: PISSED OFF POPPE! Will Poppe tune in to the NFL games this weekend or watch something else because of his anger over Chiefs’ loss last weekend?

-Poppe seemed pretty down and depressed after the Chiefs blew a 21-3 against Tennessee last Saturday and fell 22-21 to end their season early once again…can he get over it and enjoy football this weekend?


January 12th: Cary Cochran (Former Nebrasketball shooting guard)

-A double hit of Cary on ‘Early Break’ this week! Thoughts on the Jordy Tshimanga situation…did anything like this happen with a player on your team back when you were playing?

-How does this hurt the team chemistry if he indeed leaves the team? For sure isn’t playing tonight at Penn State as he didn’t make the trip…is it selfish of him to leave now or maybe HELPFUL to the team because he has been a letdown this year?

-Thoughts on tonight’s game at Penn State…

January 12th: Jordy Tshimanga’s future with Nebrasketball is in doubt as Huskers head to Penn State tonight

-Tshimanga didn’t make the trip for tonight’s 6pm game (BTN) against the Nittany Lions, and sources told Sip and other media that Jordy isn’t happy with how his season is going and wants out

-If he does indeed leave the program or transfer, how big of loss is that? And are transfers a problem for Miles or still just part of the game? They’ve recovered pretty well from the transfers of Jacobson/Morrow/Horne/Fuller this year and really haven’t missed them a ton…

-Will Nebrasketball beat Penn  State tonight?