LeBron James rumored to be Lakers’ point guard this season…is that a good or bad thing for him?

-Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes reported that yesterday—we’ll see how accurate that is. But what does a LeBron James PG team look like? Does he thrive in that role or does that take something away from his game? Also….Russell Westbrook to the Heat?


The Drive: April 9th, 4pm

  • Lebron James has no friends in the NBA anymore…Space Jam 2
  • Bock Movie review throwback (IT)

The Drive: March 8th, 5pm

  • Isaiah Roby leaving or staying?
  • New Nebraska coach needs to recruit not only new players, but the current roster
  • Leadership concerns for the offense
  • LeBron passes MJ and crys on the bench, his teammates dont care
  • Whats up next on the Odd Couple?

The Drive: March 5th, 5pm

  • Adrian Martinez is being asked, no, TOLD that he has to be a leader on the offense this year
  • No cell phones in meetings for Nebraska football?
  • Tony Tuioti audio
  • OK, they need to just LeBron down

The Drive: March 4th, 5pm

  • Spring Practice Storylines
  • Husker Baseball ever going to play in Nebraska?
  • LeBron legacy take a hit for missing the playoffs this year?
  • Wrap Things Up/What We Missed

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: July 9th, 4pm

  • NBA Salaries, WNBA player uses LeBron’s salary as starting point for More Equal pay.
  • Tipping servers, or anyone else.
  • Worst tweet of the day

July 2nd: Sip has a new favorite team as LeBron James signs with the Lakers

-A press release announced Sunday night that LeBron would be signing a 4-year, $154 million deal with the Lakers..do you like the move for him to leave the Eastern Conference? And how should the city of Cleveland feel this time with his departure? He DID deliver them a title in his return…


July 2nd: Huskers land another speedy, underrated prospect…are we starting to see the recruiting niche in full action?

-Nebraska landed 3-star WR Jamie Nance from Oklahoma….another speedy player that is under the radar. Is it becoming obvious that Nebraska just wants speed and will trust their development process to make sure the players become D1 quality players?

-It seemed like Riley’s staff just wanted the high star players—which is what fans want, too—but there wasn’t a real play or anything to know if they fit. Frost seems to know what he wants

July 2nd: Erik Chinander mentions that he’s been told that going to Nebraska is ‘career suicide’…how should Nebraskans feel about that?

-When thinking about the answer, it’s hard to fault the logic: Nebraska has twice this millennium fired coaches who won 9 games the season of their firing, in a state that has little D1 recruiting talent in and around it….and a fanbase that has high expectations and fills its stadium every Saturday because of it. Yeah, it makes some sense

-Will it ever not be seen that way at Nebraska? Not a ‘career suicide’ job? When you look yourself in the mirror it’s kind of scary on this…

Happer & Stephens: June 28th, 1pm

  • NBA Free Agency
  • Thirsty Thursday with Kevin Meier from Meier’s Cork and Bottle

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: June 25th 5pm

  • Nebrasketball Tourney run? Potential?
  • LeBron James taking over AAU huddle… What do you do?
  • Snow Recap/ Poll question Update

The Brett Kane Show w/ Michael Snow: June 7th, 5pm

  • NBA Finals, Kevin Durant played out of his mind. LeBron has done that this whole playoffs.