DP & Stephens: Robin Washut (Husker Online)

Robin Washut of Husker Online joins the show to discuss Nebraska Basketball.

  • Kobe Webster is coming back, what does that mean for the team?
  • Any insight on Thor?
  • The Huskers have lost three guys to the portal — are we done losing guys to the transfer market?

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 3

-Thoughts on the week of NFL free agency so far…and for your Vikings? And Cethan Carter lives!

-Husker baseball heads to Iowa City for 3 games with the Hawkeyes..

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 2 / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-What was your takeaway from last Friday’s debacle for Nebraska football regarding possibly trying to remove the Oklahoma game from the schedule?

-Schaefer despises the Cleveland Indians’ owners for how cheap they are, but imagine his team was owned by an athlete he despised, like the Red Sox being part-owned by LeBron James…how would he take that?

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 1

-We have games tonight, and tomorrow the Round of 64 actually happens for March Madness. Can you believe we got here after the various COVID messes of the season?

-Sip and Jake have bets about shaving their heads if Creighton or Iowa wins the tournament..does Schaefer want to participate with another despised team of Nebraskans?

-Who is Schaefer picking to win the whole thing?

The NCAA Tournament begins tonight…will Sip and Jake be watching the First 4 games?

-Texas Southern/Mt. St. Mary’s at 4:10pm; Drake/Wichita St at 5:27pm; Appalachian State/Norfolk St at 7:40pm; and UCLA/Michigan State at 8:57pm

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

LeBron James is set to become part owner of the Boston Red Sox—a franchise in a city that realllllllly doesn’t like him

-Boston Globe reporter Michael Silverman broke the news on Tuesday, and most people were confused at the optics of it. The city of Boston has trained itself to hate LeBron James for the rivalry the Celtics had with him, and also the fact he is a Laker…another bitter rival of Boston fans

-Jake tries to imagine a situation like this for him. It mostly involves Tom Brady buying one of his teams. How horrible would that be?

Is this year’s NCAA Tournament going to feel normal at al or not?

-We’re already seeing some issues with COVID with Virginia, Georgia Tech and Oklahoma…and although they are in a ‘bubble ‘ in Indiana, you never know what’s going to happen

-We just want things to feel normal. As much as possible. Are we going to have that privilege?

-Jake has made his bracket and feels it is far better than Sip’s, and a lot more fun, too

The Drive: March 17th, 4pm – Kobe Webster is back for Nebraska Basketball

  • It might not be the biggest roster news we’ve ever had for Nebrasketball, but Nebraska needs guys like this
  • Could this signal he feels good about where they’re headed next year?
  • What about Thor?

The Recruiting Hour: March 17th – Opening Segment

  • Kobe Webster is coming back!!
  • What does he bring to this team?
  • Dead period coming to an end?

DP & Stephens: Chris Basnett (Lincoln Journal Star)

Chris Basnett of the Lincoln Journal Star jumps on the show to discuss the Huskers.

  • How good is Gonzaga?
  • What does Chris see with the Huskers to give encouragement for next year?
  • Nebraska vs Penn St. tonight at 8pm
  • A lot of guys have an opportunity to return, does Chris think they will?


DP & Stephens: Jake Bockoven

Bock joins us for a segment and talks about some husker hoops!

  • Who does Jake want to come back next year?
  • What happened yesterday?
  • Big Ten Tournament starts this week!

Aging Gracefully (sponsored by Carriage Glen Independent Living 55+)

-What’s on Sip’s mind this week in learning how to age gracefully?

-Contact Carriage Glen at (402) 484-5113 to learn more about independent living for 55)