Did Kevin Warren know what he was doing the whole time?

-In a “down year” for the B1G, Ohio St could win the championship only playing 8 games. I know this is a weird year but maybe Kevin Warren knew exactly what he was doing

-Stock check on SEC programs: LSU, Auburn, Georgia

Nebraska has a winnable game on the docket this weekend against Indiana, will we see a sense of urgency from them?

-Lost 5/6 games all to top 2 teams, 6 of next 9 against top 25. Hard to argue its not a grind but at what point in the season does the inexperienced excuse fall by the wayside?

The Drive: January 7th, 3:25pm – Sam McKewon interviewed Kevin Warren

  • What does the commissioner of the Big Ten say about Nebraska?
  • He should have been doing these earlier…

DP & Stephens: Big 10 Talk

DP and Tom talk about what the return of Big 10 football will look like.

DP & Stephens: Big 10 Press Conference

DP and Tom kick off today’s show early and discuss the Big 10’s press conference announcing the return of fall football.

DP & Stephens: Huskers, Big 10

DP and Tom react to the leaked news that Nebraska and the Big 10 may announce a return to play as soon as tonight.

The Drive: September 3rd, 5:25pm – Kevin Warren is NOT GETTING FIRED

  • No matter the outcome of the supposed vote, Warren will not be fired for doing exactly what the people who hired him wanted him to do
  • Tabb doesn’t like sir Yacht pretending to be a reporter

DP & Stephens: Moos Talk

DP and Tom discuss Bill Moos’ comments about a potential Big 10 return to play.

DP & Stephens: Trump calls Warren

DP and Tom discuss the news that Trump called Big 10 commissioner Kevin Warren to talk about the state of the season.

DP & Stephens: Winter Football

DP and Tom discuss what a winter football season could look like.

The Drive: August 24th, 4pm – Do you think Kevin Warren was not delivering AD’s and coaches messages on purpose? Or did he just not think the process through enough?

  • Either way, bad look! Worse look if it’s the latter, obviously
  • He has recognized how things were set up and said he will do it differently this time

The Drive: August 21st, 3:25pm – Don’t put ALL the blame on Kevin Warren

  • The conference decided to cancel the season
  • Kevin Warren didn’t go rouge and cancel the fall season
  • He works for the Presidents of the University’s