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-Another addition for Nebrasketball with Keon Edwards…what’s the scoop?

-What’s the percentage chances of either Thor or Shamiel Stevenson coming back? Do they want either back?

-Jake thinks Nebrasketball should go into this year expecting to beat Creighton, who lost all 5 starters. Is he crazy or spot on?

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Husker baseball took to the road at Penn State this weekend…how’d they look?

-Nebraska entered the series in first place in the B1G…is it still that way heading into this weekend?

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

More thoughts from practice, and Nebrasketball adds another transfer player

-Sip and Jake have more thoughts from what was seen on Saturday, and take calls from listeners

-Also, Nebrasketball lands a transfer from DePaul’s Keon Johnson…

Practice was open for viewing on Saturday…what did we learn from the session?

-Media and 4,000 fans were on hand to watch practice…was it pretty vanilla or was there anything of high value that was seen to the audience?

-Sip said he was going to focus mostly on backup QBs and the RBs…how did they look? Were there more than 2 RBs actually participating or not?

-Also, did we see Omar Manning, and if so…did he look the part for the player we hope he can be?