Early Break: Not even the Kentucky Derby is safe from instant replay impacting the race…what a mess

  • Maximum Security won the Kentucky Derby initially by a length and a half, and is the name that everyone hears when they watch the replay of the event…but replay determined that the horse crossed over into another lane and cut another horse off, so the horse that finished 2nd (Country House) actually was determined the champion
  • Is there too much replay? The human element is dying by the day. Also, how would you feel to ‘win’ when you were really 2nd? No race call has your name as the actual champion….just bizarre

The Drive: May 3rd, 2pm

  • Are you cool with telling Brady Heiman to take a hike?
  • I got the horses in the back
  • Snowver Under

Early Break: Kentucky Derby this weekend… will you watch? Do you care?

  • Song of the day:
  • Jake not sure the last time he watched the Kentucky Derby, Would he ever want to go?