Trevor Bauer threw a ball to the outfield when getting pulled…what’s your favorite sports blow-up?

-Bauer was upset when manager Terry Francona pulled him after a rough inning that put the Indians down 7-5, and he chucked a ball into the outfield in frustration…what’re your favorite sports blow-ups?


MLB came to Omaha last night with Royals/Tigers…how was it received and will it come back?

-The two teams aren’t exactly stellar this year, with the Royals well below .500, and the Tigers not as far below but still not a very good team. It was a great crowd for the game…will this continue ahead of the College World Series going forward?

-It’s really unlikely it would ever happen, but does high attendance for many events in Nebraska ever give a professional league pause in maybe considering bringing a pro franchise to Omaha to support?

-Also, congrats to Raptors on NBA Championship…

– Major League Baseball is coming to Nebraska for the first time ever tonight with Royals/Tigers in Omaha…will any other league of that type come to the state for a regular season game?

-We’ve seen both Lincoln and Omaha host preseason games for the NBA, and the Royals have been in Omaha before to play against the Storm Chasers in the preseason…but never for a regular season game

-It’s hard to expect a team to give up a home game to come play in Omaha, and why should you blame them for that? With that being said, is this a one-time thing or could this play into something down the road like this happening again in some sport? Which is the most likely? And are we treating this like the CWS where we don’t care in Lincoln because it’s not our city?

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March 29th: Major League Baseball is BACK today, baby—it’s Opening Day!

  • One local team–the KC Royals—will be without their All-Star catcher Salvador Perez for 4-6 weeks because he tore his MCL…while carrying luggage! YIKES. Season preview…will Houston repeat as champs?

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