The Drive: July 12th, 5:25pm – Les Miles situation at Kansas

  • Not looking good, although it wasn’t looking good before
  • More on the AD search

The Drive: May 25th, 5:45pm – The University of Kansas is…weird

  • Apparently, they have a sliver of Einsteins brain
  • Professors are hazed by taking out the sliver and sucking on it after a shot of tequila

The Drive: March 10th, 5:25pm – Michael Bruntz (247Sports)

  • Nebraska Baseball and Max Anderson…very nice
  • Kansas Football head coach situation

The Drive: March 10th, 3pm – Les Miles is out at Kansas

  • What makes Kansas such a miserable job?

The Recruiting Hour: March 10th – Closing Segment

  • Lets make Happer the AD at Kansas…what do you do?

Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-The nightmare is a reality with Ohio State having a third canceled game this Saturday…what will they do and also, the B1G?

-Adrian Martinez seems to have reclaimed the starting role for good at QB…what does Frost do now with McCaffrey?

-How many seniors for Nebraska do you think will return next year and which will leave?

Ohio State/Michigan is canceled, Purdue/Indiana appears to be on the same track, and the nightmare the B1G hoped to avoid is upon us

-Well—we can assume they tried to avoid it, but it’s sometimes hard to believe that for how the season was set up and the zero room for error that was allowed in the scheduling

-Things looked good for Ohio State/Michigan on Sunday and Monday, but the game was officially canceled on Tuesday. Where do the Buckeyes go from here? Is there any chance for a non-con game? Nebraska fans will smirk and roll their eyes if Ohio State is allowed to play a non-con game

-Will Nebraska be playing Minnesota or someone else this weekend to aid the conference?

The Drive: January 22nd, 5pm

  • No sit Sunday and the magic of PBA
  • Is Nebraska closer than you think?
  • Zion debuts tonight
  • Kansas – K-State suspensions

The Drive: January 22nd, 4pm

  • Sad news, Mr.Peanut has died at 104 y.o
  • Kansas/K-State FIGHT
  • Alex Gordon is BACK
  • Michael Bruntz (247 Sports)
  • What’s in the Box (Raisin’ Cane’s)