Since when did trash talk become something so offensive? People need to lighten up

-Husker fans were upset when Texas’ official Twitter account tweeted out a picture of the team with the caption, “Today’s forecast: all sky, no sun,” which was an obvious dig at Lexi Sun, who transferred from Texas to play at Nebraska despite being an all-conference player at Texas

-Obviously, as Nebraska fans, it sucks being on this end of the tweet, but it was a loss by Nebraska, to a RIVAL, where one of your star players transferred from. What is wrong with them having fun with it?

-This is where we’re at as a society. This is not a political stance, but just an American stance. Edgy used to be welcomed and celebrated. Now, anything is criticized. Get over it and stop being offended by all.

According to a new report, the happiest country in the world is….Finland!

-…and for the 4th straight year, per the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, which helps assess the ‘World Happiness Report’

-Rankings aren’t based on income and life expectancy, but rather how people rate their happiness on a 1-10 scale. The U.S. was 14th, behind Ireland and ahead of Canada

Parker Gabriel (Lincoln Journal Star) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Kansas State plans on 40% of their recruiting classes to be from transfer portal going forward…would Nebraska do that? Should they?

-Were you as high on the WRs as Sip was on Saturday? How much of their potential comes down to Omar Manning playing the part this Fall?

-What’s the latest recruiting update for Nebraska? Visits, commitments?

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Sean Callahan (Husker Online)

-Kansas State says they plan to have 10 players of 25 in the class going forward be from the transfer portal…is that a smart approach or attainable?

-Are you entering this year thinking Zavier Betts is Nebraska’s best WR or do you go to someone else?

-Is Chris Kolarevec going to be a starter this year or what is his role in your view?

A “Fire Frost” Facebook group has surfaced…how hot is Frost’s seat?

-A Facebook group with 77 likes advocating for the firing of Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost has been circulating recently…Does Frost need to make a bowl game this year to keep his job?

-Are the expectations of the fan base too high at Nebraska or is Scott Frost rightfully on the hot seat?

Is Nebraska really that much different than Kansas State?

-Yesterday, Kansas State extended Chris Klieman 6 years and gave him a extension clause that 8 wins and any bowl game adds a year to his contract.

-What would Nebraskans say if Bill Moos gave Scott Frost the same contract? Is Nebraska really that much different than Kansas State

Chris Kliemen gets extended 6 years through 2026 at Kansas State…will K-State become a factor again in the Big 12?

-It’s been a good start to the Kliemen tenure, with 2 wins in 2 years over Oklahoma. The former North Dakota State is sticking in Manhattan for 6 more years, at least…do Jake and Sip think he’ll do big things?

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Nebrasketball appears set for a 3-year series with Kansas State…who else do you wish they’d do that with?

-Most people were excited to hear about this if it was in terms of football—but it’s not. Nope. Men’s basketball. Both teams were atrocious in 2019-20, but K-State made an Elite 8 recently. Next season’s game is at Sprint Center KC, 2021-22 game is in Lincoln, and then at K-State the next year

-Nebrasketball doesn’t have a rich tradition of success at all in hoops, and the teams that filled the crowds that game (looking at you, Kansas) pretty much always beat Nebraska down, minus the occasional close game or Nebraska defeat. But pretty much always a beatdown loss. Are they a team you’d want to come back? 2017 was pretty awesome except for the whole last-second loss thing..

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The Drive: January 22nd, 5pm

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  • Is Nebraska closer than you think?
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