NBA Finals Game 5 recap….was KD effective for the Warriors or did it matter?

-We did learn mid-morning on Monday that Kevin Durant would play in Game 5…did it matter or did the Raptors claim the NBA Championship?

-Does Kawhi stay or is he going elsewhere this offseason?

Jordan Burroughs (2x NCAA Champion wrestler/4 time World Champ/2012 Olympic Gold Medalist) / Shut Up Sipple

-Jordan is competing in the Final X at Bob Devaney Sports Center on June 15th against Isaiah Martinez…tell us more about the event

-You’ve faced Martinez before and beat him last year…what makes him such a good challenge?

-Is the ultimate goal to make the 2020 Olympics? And if so, what happens for you after that competition?

June 4th: Jordan Burroughs (Former Husker wrestler and 4 time world champion) / Shut Up Sipple

-Tell us more about your upcoming match against Isaiah Martinez in the Final X Series on June 9th at the Devaney Center


-All winners represent Team USA in Budapest, Hungary in October…how important is it to you to represent your country with your achievements? What has life since Nebraska been like for you?