Happy Hour: September 9th – Opening Segment

  • Nebraska Volleyball sweeps Creighton
  • The state of Nebraska needs to come together for both teams
  • NFL Breakdown

Tom & Bock: September 9th – Tonia Tauke (Former Nebraska Volleyball player)

  • Nebraska sweeps Creighton, what can this team become
  • Players that impressed you
  • Is this the greatest collection of talent you have seen from a Nebraska Volleyball squad?

Tom & Bock: September 9th – Nebraska vs Buffalo

  • Talent despite the coach and some players leaving
  • Greenhagen has the record!
  • Nebraska Volleyball was amazing
  • Building off momentum for Football

Happer & Schaefer: August 23rd, 9am – Big Ten releases their forfeiture policy / Nebraska Volleyball / Miguel Cabrera / Little Leagues

  • The Big Ten has finally said out loud what every other conference has already agreed to
  • Nebraska Volleyball looks GOOD
  • Miguel Cabrera hits homerun #500
  • Little League World Series did a good job with the broadcast and Mike Trout interview

Mike Schaefer (Nebraska 247 Sports): Part 1

-What impact could the retirement of Bill Moos have on recruiting? How large of an impact does program stability have on a recruitment decision

-Runza kicked off NIL brand deals in the state with a promotion for in-state athletes…are we ready for this?

-Mark Onwiler asked which football team, Nebraska or Iowa State, had a higher upside…what does Schaefer agree with Sip and Jake?

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The Drive: June 23rd, 5:45pm – Closing out the show

  • Top 40 defense? That would lead to a winning record
  • Volleyball Student Section SOLD OUT

DP & Stephens: Tom’s Ten – Best Husker Coaches

Tom gives us a list of the best Husker coaches

  • Amy Williams
  • Rhonda Revelle
  • Will Bolt
  • Chuck Chmelka
  • Mark Manning
  • Scott Frost

The Drive: April 20th, 3pm – How long will John Cook stay quiet about the NCAA Tournament experience in Omaha

  • He seemed to indicate a couple days ago that Lauren Stivrins got hurt because of the crappy court they were practicing on
  • It was also reported that Nebraska had a few false positives before the match
  • also, it was NEBRASKA/TEXAS and it was played at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Monday
  • Gonzaga just completed their transition from mid-major to full on blue blood

DP & Stephens: Husker Volleyball

Nebraska Volleyball lost to Texas and ended their season yesterday.

The Drive: April 19th, 5:45pm – Closing things out

  • Answering some text line questions

The Drive: April 19th, 5:25pm – Why is the offense lagging behind the defense for Frost and Co.

  • Change in philosophy
  • Quarterback play
  • What else?

The Drive: April 19th, 5pm – Losing to Texas always sucks

  • Nebraska Volleyball falls to Texas in 4 sets
  • Losing to Texas in any sport sucks, Nebraska should stop doing that
  • More Open practice observations