The Drive: March 2nd, 4:25pm – Richard Pitino and J.J. Watt in the same segment

  • Richard Pitino has the WORST resume of a Power 5 coach, probably ever
  • Is J.J Watt a tool (question posed by Ravi)

DP & Stephens: Blog Jog

Mark is in studio for Tuesday’s jog and DP needs to stretch.

Early Break: J.J. Watt planned on winging his speech to Wisconsin’s graduating class and he’s never seemed more cool

  • Watt said he was asked to send a copy of his speech to the University of Wisconsin for their May 11th commencement, and told them he didn’t have a speech because he just planned on winging it. Bravo, J.J. Screw the scripts…stay in the moment!
  • Jake and Sip have had their various speeches to different groups…would they do a large commencement speech without a script, though?