Jeff Potrykus (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

-How did this all play out? No one had the virus before the Illinois game, but did the next day?

-Do Nebraska fans have the right to feel slighted since this was not in the red phase to have a mandatory cancellation of the game?

-How does this affect Wisconsin going forward for ability to play games? Vanden Boom still to start?

Jeff Potrykus (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-The Big Ten is (apparently) back…what has the timeline been on all of this? It was crickets for awhile, but was that intentional?

-Could the Big Ten have handled this any worse or do you think they actually did a decent job?

-What is your view of Kevin Warren currently? And regarding your coverage, will Wisconsin be good?

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that January football is the likeliest outcome at this point

-Friend of the show Jeff Potrykus wrote that in conversations with Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez, it seems the likeliest path the B1G goes down is trying to play games in early January and have an 8-game regular season finished by end of February with B1G Championship played in early March, right before March Madness

-This plan would have the teams playing in indoor domes; so no real home field advantage at all, but it’s football…even though you’re losing at least 4 games off of a normal season

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