Deion Sanders had a…very interesting debut as a head college football coach

-Sanders, the head coach at Jackson State, won his first game, but that wasn’t the story of the game—it’s that he believed he had been robbed during the game, but the university quickly countered…

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers)

The Drive: July 20th, 5pm – What’s up with the portal people?

  • Henry Gray already gone from this class
  • Jaiden Francois also puts his name in. What’s the deal there?
  • JD Spielman is heading to TCU, and I guess he has a waiver to play already?
  • Didn’t end up at Minnesota. Good. Let’s all move on.

The Drive: June 8th, 5pm

  • JD Spielman news
  • NEW BIT!!! Schaefer, have you heard of this pop culture person?
  • Wrap things up

The Drive: June 8th, 3pm

  • JD Spielman is leaving Nebraska!!
  • Robin Washut (HuskerOnline)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: May 29th, 3pm

  • What Did You Do Last Night?
  • JD Spielman watch
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)

The Drive: March 6th, 5pm

  • Spring Throwaway? Not so fast my friends
  • Is Wisconsin a rival?
  • Where does JD Spielman rank in the past decade of receivers at Nebraska?

The Drive: March 4th, 5pm

  • If JD Spielman is not here, how many wins will that cost Nebraska?
  • McKewon replay
  • Wrap things up

An area of concern officially goes to red alert: J.D. Spielman takes a leave of absence from Nebraska football for mental health

-Oh boy. If you weren’t nervous about the WR group already, now you’re probably terrified. Spielman has been consistently very good in his 3 seasons with Nebraska, and although he’s not officially off the team, he won’t be at Spring football for sure, and then we’ll see if anything changes

-Jaevon McQuitty also announced he’s retiring from football, so there’s 2 receivers down in a day, and already concerns if guys like Omar Manning and Zavier Betts will make it to campus with concerns about grades

The Drive: March 2nd, 3pm

  • JD Spielman is taking a leave of absence, and some other things
  • Man of the Weekend
  • Robin Washut (HuskerOnline)
  • What’s Poppin’ (brought to you by Barney Insurance)