Will Nebraska-Creighton happen in 2020?

-Coaches on both sides are still fighting for Nebraska/Creighton. How important is it to keep that rivalry going this season? Plus everybody in college basketball gets an extra year of eligibility…and that story is somewhat buried because football!

Nebrasketball gets drilled by Creighton once again, and Sip asks how much fans can handle

-Nebrasketball trailed 27-4 and 40-9 at points in the first half, and ended up losing, 95-76, to fall to 4-5 on the season, and also losing to Creighton for the 8th time in 9 games

-Nebraska did play well in the 2nd half, but the game was over at halftime, and Creighton didn’t exactly have a lot to play for with such a big lead. The B1G is going to be tough….will fans keep going to games this year?


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Early Break: Creighton / Nebraska tonight in baseball makes Jake wonder if the men’s BASKETBALL rivalry between the schools will grow more

  • Nebraska baseball is trying to avenge their loss to Creighton at Haymarket Park tonight in Omaha, as they also rebound from a series loss at Iowa over the weekend
  • But….sticking with Creighton/Nebraska for hoops….the disdain between the two programs is already pretty high…will it stay the same in the Hoiberg era, or will you see the hatred/rivalry grow or diminish? What do you hope to see?
  • Doc Sadler never made much of the Creighton game while head coach here…I wonder what he says to Hoiberg about it