DP & Stephens: Jay Foreman

Former Husker Jay Foreman is on with DP and Tom.

DP & Stephens: Jay Foreman

Jay Foreman joins Tom and DP.

The Recruiting Hour: July 27th – Jay Foreman (Former Nebraska football player)

  • How did it feel inside that camp setting this weekend?
  • Thomas Fidone looked sharp

DP & Stephens: July 14th, 12pm – Jay Foreman (Former Husker and NFL player)

Washington NFL franchise

Scott Frost

Winning over Miami

Did you like being the son of Chuck growing up?

Jay Foreman (Former Husker/NFL LB)

-Jake and Sip were discussing the Chuba Hubbard/Mike Gundy situation yesterday, and Jay thought they were being ‘tone deaf’…can he explain why?

-Are there more issues like that happening at lots of schools? At Nebraska? And thoughts on what Iowa will/should do with Kirk Ferentz?

-Regarding the upcoming season in general…how confident do you feel that it will go on as planned?

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The Drive: May 24th, 5pm

  • Upset opportunities for teams ranked in the Top 25 of CFB
  • D-3 team gets kicked out of their conference for being to good…DUMB
  • Jay Foreman (Former Husker/NFL LB)
  • Bill Moos on the CFP
  • Wrap things up

The Recruiting Hour: May 24th

  • Opening Splash
  • Flashback Friday – Jay Foreman – Former Huskers/NFL Linebacker (24:36)
  • Taking your calls and reading your texts to round out a Friday

The Brett Kane Show w/ Bock: December 4th, 4pm

  • Jay Foreman: Former Husker
  • Focusing on the primary problems, not the minor ones
  • Worst tweet of the day