Cam Newton is promoting a vegan lifestyle with the Patriots..could you ever do that?

-Newton says he feels like a rookie again as his body feels better and recovered thanks to a Vegan diet….Jake doesn’t know if he could live life without steak/hamburgers/chicken or if he would want to

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Robin Washut (Husker Online) / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-Robin went down the Twitter rabbit hole yesterday on Nebrasketball dunks of the past…who are the top 3 dunkers in Nebrasketball history in his opinion?

-Oklahoma State offers 2022 Grand Island player Isaac Traudt…how big will his name get in recruiting circles?

-Thoughts on J.D. Spielman transferring to TCU and becoming immediately eligible..

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With the college football season approaching there are some big decisions that are going to be made sooner rather than later

-There seem to be grumblings about teams in the Big Ten that are tentative to move forward with a fall season. Those teams being Maryland and Rutgers but with teams like Minnesota and Ohio State “not far behind”. Would OSU dropping out create a domino effect across the Big Ten and force other teams to cancel as well?

-What value is there in Nebraska having such a unified front in terms of wanting a football season. The leadership across the board are wanting there to be a season. From University President Ted Carter all the way down to Scott Frost. Even Governor Pete Ricketts wants to make a football season happen.

-This season is going to look different than previous seasons. What are somethings that you can just prepare for just so the things different about this season don’t shock you as a fan.

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Imagine being the Las Vegas Raiders this year and possibly having no fans in your first year in a brand new city

-Owner Mark Davis said over the weekend he’s leaning toward playing the season with no fans in Vegas if it comes down to that…think about that. Brand new expensive stadium, and no one to fill it up. Yikes.

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):

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Rick Kaczenski (Former Nebraska/Iowa DL coach)

-What makes more sense if there is a delayed season: Winter football or spring football?

-Bruce Feldman of The Athletic had the idea of Power 5 teams playing in the Fall, and Group of 5 teams and FCS playing in the Spring….would that be a good look for college football?

-Nebraska loses 2 highly-ranked defensive backs from Florida before they even get to Fall camp…level of concern should be what?

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Hello, split season: UNK announces they’ll play half their season in the Fall and in the Spring

-UNK pushed back their season a month to an October start date, but finish the season in the spring for football, volleyball and soccer with the thinking that the NCAA will have championships in the spring

-Meanwhile, California high schools announced on Monday that they are moving football season to having their first practice on Dec. 14, with the season starting on Jan. 8

-Basketball season would start March 12, and baseball would begin March 19th. Could those dates apply to college sports or not? Obviously cold weather states (like Nebraska) would be at a disadvantage with a winter start date, but it’s better than the spring…right? And gets all seasons done before the next year would begin in late 2021 as we hope things are more normal by then

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