May 21: The Las Vegas Golden Knights are going to the Stanley Cup Finals in their first year as a franchise…good or bad for hockey

-Surely, this is upsetting for long-time hockey traditionalists…but is it enough to get more fans for a sport that seems to be losing fans every year?

May 21: Can Joe Burrow save Ed Orgeron’s job at LSU? / Shut Up Sipple

-Burrow transferred to LSU last week and is likely to win the starting job. How much on the hot seat is Orgeron for this year and what are your expectations for Burrow?

-How closely will Husker fans be tracking Burrow in general this year

May 21: Don’t laugh, but think deeply—could Scott Frost do anything close to what Nick Saban has done at Alabama?

-You’re laughing! Give us a chance…before Saban went to Alabama, the Crimson Tide had seasons under Mike Shula of: 4-9, 6-6, 10-2, 6-6. Sounds pretty similar to Mike Riley at Nebraska before Frost was hired…

-Saban’s first year at Alabama (2007)? 7-6…then 12-2, 14-0, and 10-3 in seasons to follow. Wasn’t like Mike Shula left him a huge amount of talent, and Frost IS the one saying that Nebraska should be dangerous in year 2…will he have fans thinking BIG on the national picture right away? He was the national coach of the year….DON’T LAUGH TOO MUCH

May 21: Have the NBA Playoffs underwhelmed you

-The Eastern Conference finals is 2-1 in favor of Boston, but the games really haven’t been compelling. Same for the Western Conference, and all the series leading up to it. LAAAMEEEEE


May 21: Darin Erstad says he’s standing pat with staff—is he being stubborn or approaching things correctly?

-Nebraska finished the season at 24-28, and 8-14 in B1G play, and aren’t going to be playing this week in Omaha for the B1G Tournament for what is a weaker conference

-Have you lost faith in Erstad’s ability to manage? Where does the team go from here?

May 21: Michael Decker retires from football and leaves some question marks on the offensive line

-Decker, last year’s starting center, decided to leave the team and ultimately retire from the sport because of some recurring injuries—and it was noticeable last year when was in the game vs. not in the game

-What’s the answer at center now, and what does the starting o-line look like in general with the loss of Decker?

-Also, Andrew Ward decides to transfer—let’s assess the 14 players who have either left early for the draft or transferred so far…

March 19th: At least ONE basketball team from Nebraska is successful in the postseason…how about Nebraska Wesleyan?!

  • The Prairie Wolves won the Division III National Championship on Saturday—while the Husker women lost to Arizona State in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Same ol, same ol.

March 19th: Impressive Stats out of winter conditioning for Nebraska football…will the results be seen on the field?

  • Nebraska assistant AD of Sports Nutrition Tommy Jensen tweeted out that Nebraska players have lost a combined 389 pounds of fat and have gained 436 pounds of muscle in winter conditioning…pretty impressive stuff
  • Will we see this make an impact right away in the spring?

Husker Basketball Postgame Show

Connor Happer, Jake Sorenson and Jake Bockoven break down Nebraska’s loss 58-77 to Michigan.

  • What went wrong for the Huskers?
  • What does this mean for their NCAA Tournament expectations?
  • What does this mean for the future of Nebrasketball?
  • Steve Sipple, Brett Kane and listeners call in the show.

January 15th: The epic recruiting weekend is complete, but the big news is Nebraska lands a transfer DB/LB from Ole Miss

  • Breon Dixon, who played 6 games last year as a freshman, announced Sunday he is transferring to Nebraska. At 6′, 220 pounds, he played DB last year, but Nebraska might play him at outside linebacker
  • What do we expect in terms of commitments after the weekend? It was definitely cold out, but it didn’t appear that any of the recruits who came complained on social media…
  • ALSO—R.I.P Keith Jackson…favorite memory of him as a broadcaster?

January 15th: Nebrasketball falls in OT to Penn State and plays tonight against Illinois

  • The Huskers overcame a 16-point deficit in the 2nd half to force OT at Penn State, but couldn’t close as they fell to 12-7 overall and 3-3 in B1G play…positive takeaways at all or just a bad loss?
  • Also, it still appears that Jordy Tshimanga is not coming back to the Huskers…was his absence a cause of lack of focus or good play against Penn State or was that a false narrative? And you can’t lose to lowly Illinois tonight, can you?

January 15th: The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to the AFC Championship and it’s fantastic for the NFL

  • The NFL is supposed to be a revolving door to try and avoid dynasties every year—it’s why the bad teams get high draft picks—and finally, a team that has sucked forever put it all together and took down a powerhouse. This needs to happen MORE
  • Also, SONG OF THE DAY: “Different” – The Academics