The Recruiting Hour: February 5th – Closing Segment

  • Nebrasketball is back…what can we expect?
  • Ending the Week

The Recruiting Hour: February 5th – Allan Bell (247Sports)

  • Thoughts on the Tennessee situation
  • Super Bowl Bets

The Recruiting Hour: February 5th – Opening Segment

  • Schaefer, Sorensen, and Sipple discuss the Super Bowl

DP & Stephens: October 5th, 11am – NFL Recap and Monday Night picks

  • Jake and Rico join the show to recap the NFL weekend and pick who wins this Monday night

DP & Stephens: September 21st, 12:25pm – Rico and Jake talk NFL

Everyones NFL teams lost this weekend…lets talk about it

The College Football Playoff announces plans to carry on for the Fall for the conferences that are playing…what is the Big Ten going to play for?

-The CFP announced that they’ll have their first official rankings out on November 17, and then each week that follows through December 15, where they will then have the selection show on Dec. 20

-The scheduled semifinals will be on Jan. 1, with the national championship being played on Jan. 13…which is, you know, right around when the Big Ten might be starting their season

-Seeing so many B1G teams in the first AP Top 25 and knowing they can’t compete for a championship was a pretty tough blow to deal with yesterday.

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Aging Gracefully (sponsored by Carriage Glen Independent Living 55+)

-What’s on Sip’s mind this week in learning how to age gracefully?

-Contact Carriage Glen at (402) 484-5113 to learn more about independent living for 55+

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Meanwhile in the NFL, 5 Buffalo Bills players have COVID and rookies are being sent home / Shut Up Sipple (sponsored by Bagels & Joe)

-There’s positivity for an outlook of a season, and then this comes out. Camps just started up late last week, and all rookies are being sent home from the camp, but it’s not being stopped altogether

-This really is going to be the most ridiculous and crazy season of sports we have ever seen.

-The guys dive into the NFL Top 100 as well

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What happens if Michigan is the 10th conference game that is added for Nebraska this year?

-We don’t have schedule news yet, but Tom Dienhart predicted that among other matchups, he thinks Nebraska will host Michigan this year as the Huskers’ 10th game. Imagine if that somehow actually ended up being on the road. Not so fun.

-What would the season expectation be? Also, is there any chance the B1G does what the ACC did and add one non-conference game?

-Also—NBA started up last night. Did you watch?

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Milfy Film Friday—our goodbye to Milfy and his time to shine

It’s Milfy’s last day with the show before he heads back to Kearney, and he really wants to talk movies.

-Also, SONG OF THE DAY (sponsored by Sartor Hamann Jewelers):

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Full capacity still possible for the Fall? Seems unlikely….but Bill Moos is the eternal optimist

-Sip spoke with Moos (TAKE A DRINK!!!) on Thursday and learned that while Moos understands there will likely be limited or no fans in the stands for the season, he still believes in a possibility of full capacity. How cool (and controversial) would it be to see Memorial Stadium be the one stadium full to the brink in the nation?

-Moos also said there will hopefully be schedule news by today, which would be good, because we need to know some things. What else did Sip learn from Moos? Was he feeling optimistic in general?

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The SEC says they’ll play a 10 game conference schedule…and won’t start until September 26th

-The dominoes are falling. We thought they might play earlier, but this is what we get for now. And at least it’s a plan to play football. This officially means no Alabama/USC non-conference game, and for the first time since 1925, no Georgia/Georgia Tech game. You get what you get.

-This gives a chance to see how things go for the NFL and other conferences, too. Would the Big Ten start that late, too? That’s when Week 4 is supposed to be of the season!

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