Is Thursday Night Football necessary in the NFL? Jake’s not a huge fan

-Jake’s Dolphins played last night on TNF, with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman on the call for NFL Network

-The matchups are rarely good, so it’s not something people are clamoring to watch…and Jake always thinks of Sundays as THE NFL day and isn’t even a huge fan of Monday Night Football…where do listeners and Sip stand in this?

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Depth charts are out for Husker football and Scott Frost speaks…what are the biggest newsmakers?

-What were the surprises on the depth chart? Maybe not ‘surprises,’ but Collin Miller listed as a starting ILB (with Will Honas getting the OR); Caleb Tannor gets a starting OLB spot, Jaevon McQuitty is JD Spielman’s backup…and we also have a starting punter listed!

-Also, Blackshirts announced…who all got one on defense? And great comments from Scott Frost on former Husker coming in to discuss what those mean….Jay Foreman!!

-More from Frost…

February 26th: Is Nebrasketball a favorite to win the B1G Tourney or still an underdog like all year?

  • Nebraska hasn’t gained respect anywhere for some reason–and maybe that’s what they want

February 26th: Scott Frost isn’t interested in discussing the dominance of Ohio State / Shut Up Sipple

  • Sip talked to Frost last week about a lot of things, and one of the topics was Frost not willing to praise Ohio State publicly…which caused Sip to use the phrase, piss and vinegar’ in a column!!

February 26th: The RPI and other ‘tourney’ numbers still aren’t going to favor Nebrasketball—so how much is the eye-test going to be utilized?

  • It’s the big question–because Nebraska DOES look good in overall wins (22), conference wins (13), and finish in the conference (4th). No big wins, though—how much will Bruce Rasmussen end up playing in the consideration of Nebraska?
  • Is there a way to fix how the NCAA Tournament chooses its field? Or are Nebrasketball fans just complaining too much at this point? Probably a bit of both. What Nebraska has done this year would typically ALREADY be enough to ensure an NCAA bid, prior to conference tourney

January 5th: NFL playoff pics

January 5th: Saban Grabbed a stranglehold on most dominant coach of all time?/Shut Up Sipple

January 5th: Nebrasketball Saturday against Purdue/ Frosts hire deserve higher expectations?